Kerry vs Tyrone | 2021 All Ireland GAA Football Senior Championship Semi-Final | Full Game -

Kerry vs Tyrone | 2021 All Ireland GAA Football Senior Championship Semi-Final | Full Game

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The Full Game between Kerry and Tyrone in 2021 All Ireland Football Championship Semi-Final


  1. Glad to see Kerry out, they thought alls they'd have to do so show up. Great to see them smug Kerry pricks out of it

  2. Dessie Dolan hasn't a baldy clue about football.

  3. All of Kerry were thinking about Mayo!
    Great 'ambush' by Tyrone!
    Pat Spillane sounded like he needed another 'jab' of the vaccine!

  4. GAA got what they wanted since they gave the anti vaxers two extra weeks instead of forcing them to play as is or just forfeit

  5. Bought Mayo and Tyrone will be competing in the All Ireland Football Finals. It's going to be a very serious match. What the two counties have in common. Is that they only won three times in there lives. And the only one that is going to win this year's final's. Is the team that knows all the rules of football and plays fair. And I say Mayo will win since I'm from Mayo. We will lift the 70 year old curse and be free from it. We will not be afraid of facing Tyrone since they'll want us to feel afraid. And we will not underestimate them either. This is our year to win.

  6. I’ve commentated on the last few Tyrone games for radio and I have to say ,Their fitness levels are astonishing!
    Lads busting a gut deep into extra time and showing serous desire and hunger .
    It will be a great final !

  7. Tyrone will win the All Ireland no doubt about it

  8. Wow Tyrone sure recovered well from half the panel having COVID 😂😂

  9. I just feel this Mayo team is finally worthy enough to win the All Ireland. I finally feel all their players are truly good enough. Don't know if that was entirely the case a few years ago.

  10. I was more surprised by this result than Mayo's victory over Dublin honestly. You could see Mayo come so close to beating Dublin over the last five years but Kerry always seemed to have Tyrone's number. Brilliant victory for Tyrone, it's anyone's guess who'll win the final now

  11. Kerry have a problem it's called Tyrone. Bullied them in 2003, schooled them in 2005, outclassed them in 2008. Outhoored them in 2021. Tyrone are a class act. Kerry are totally overrated.

  12. Tyrone have beaten Kerry in big games in the recent past and this gave them the
    confidence to achieve the win yesterday. In fact I can't remember Kerry beating them in an
    All Ireland match. They have had the mental edge in this match-up and it continues.

  13. The kerry folk will have to stop the raffles for all Ireland final tickets they had going on before this game and give the people back their money

  14. Well we were cheated out of 3 semi final replays this year. Thank goodness no shoot outs! Can we get back to tied games being replayed next year? This isn't sour grapes as I wanted Cork, Mayo & Tyrone to win. It goes against a century old tradition and isn't fair to the players. BTW thanks for posting these games.

  15. So Clifford is first man to call Mark for a point, yet it's suggested Tyrone use the mark a lot when they use it after Clifford's point.

  16. How many ads can u fit into one Goddamn video man

  17. Eamon o hara should co commentary for the final dessie dolan is no good

  18. The Kerry bottlers against the Tyrone footballers.

  19. I'm surprised. I thought Tyrone would caught up a goal or two.

  20. Those Tyrone players ran like horses… that had been dosed with ivermerctin

  21. What Pat was trying to say, was that Tyrone strategically tried to use covid, it backfired, and instead of suffering a penalty were rewarded, with extra prep time, and disruption to Kerry. Kerry went 5 weeks without a match, and had no idea if and when a match would be played. Tyrone, calling the GAA knew this. Ya, Pat was over the top and could not articulate Kerry's disadvantage, but Kerry were short changed. Congrats to Tyrone, worthy winners on the day

  22. Thank you so much. GAA have no clue about Irish abroad……Thank you.

  23. It is no surprise Tyrone are successful given that they are the largest county in Northern Ireland and the 2nd in Ulster. Also they have a large Catholic majority, which other northern counties don't have which gives them an advantage in producing successful Gaelic footballers. If you compare Tyrone to Derry, Tyrone have 4 large towns in which GAA is popular, Derry have 2 small towns in which GAA is the most popular sport.

  24. Wow this game is stupid. I'm glad my ancestors left that shitty little island or I may have never appreciated a real game that takes strategy, athleticism, and toughness in American football

  25. Great to watch for non-irish and neutral side. 3 goals -amazing!

  26. It's being a very long time since I played this game 50years and more how the game has changed mix of Irish and austral foot ball mashed together can't say I like it the old way was much better in my eyes

  27. Tyrone lads unvaxxed and suffering from long covid… hmmmmmm. Maybe the aul covid aint that bad after all

  28. The only reason why Tyrone won this game was their cynical fouling .. and they delayed the game by a few weeks to disrupt kerry rhythm which worked by their so called covid , I hope MAYO WINS for the sake of football

  29. An underdog All Ireland. I was expecting it to be Dublin v Kerry. Mayo for Sam.

  30. Best game of football I’ve ever seen in my life I’m a Tyrone person but congratulations Kerry for your efforts 🔴⚪️🩹

  31. Huge respect for throwing the whole match up!

  32. "It's important for Tyrone to stay in the match for the first 35 minutes." Hahahahahahahaha!

  33. are all games played in the same stadium ?

  34. I know Tyrone is going to win 🏆 because this is after the final and I am so happy 😀

  35. 1:39:34 he said the exact same thing before cork scored their winning goal against Kerry in the 2020 munster semi final

  36. Two black cards and still beat them.

  37. The referee really kept kerry in this game with soft frees.

  38. Incredible that Tyrone won this game having a full team for only 10 minutes of the 2nd half.

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