Kinect Sports Football Gameplay Xbox 360 Kinect -

Kinect Sports Football Gameplay Xbox 360 Kinect

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kinect sports gameplay, copyright rare and microsoft game studios


  1. @anthony76791 the whole world calls this football only america calls it soccer

  2. @mortalmaximilian it's called soccer tooo idiot

  3. as a beginner I play it in game and scoring champion 5-0

  4. i Love that i Wanted this to be in Wii tooooooooooo

  5. in the US it's called soccer so it isn't confused with that american rugby football or what the hell is it called

  6. finally, someone calls it football and not soccer.

  7. google it, it's a lot like american football but without the numbers and other rules

  8. im the level 46 lol sucks to be you trolllllllll :D!

  9. oh, you have so much to learn, my friend.

  10. soccer and football are the same thing it is only that americans call it soccer while the rest of the world calls it football

  11. That is the begginer mod play on the champion mod

  12. This is an embarrassment to football. This is the best they could come up with?! Wow…

  13. it shoould be better than this i can do skills lol

  14. why do you call it football when its generally with hands 

  15. I found this very cool game but alas I only have 4 playstation and xbox one will conprar

  16. Football and soccer is same But others football isnt soccer

  17. This was not the football we were talking about

  18. cara esse video e mais ou menos  faz gameplay do call of duty black ops e mais da hora

  19. Nagyon szar videó miért nem köszönsz hát azt se tudom hogy ki vagy!!!

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