LARGEST COMEBACK IN HISTORY! Indianapolis Colts vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Week 15 Game Highlights -

LARGEST COMEBACK IN HISTORY! Indianapolis Colts vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Week 15 Game Highlights

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  1. i went to bed becuase i new they were going to lose but omg they won😅

  2. The fact that Cousins threw an Interception and the comback wasn’t unanswered is absolutely insane

  3. 9:04 number 75 pushing the Colt over like "get off my dude" lmaoo

  4. did nfl network hire a "wide open" commentator?

  5. Can anyone explain why the vikings didn’t get the 1 score ? They never said it.

  6. Get Dalvin Cook back in our backfield

  7. Gilmore was embarrassed this whole game 😂 scrub

  8. Title says "largest comeback in history" yet I don't see any Iggles or Giants on the field….

  9. I was at that game it was awesome in the second half

  10. Matt clearly got the first to seal it but ok

  11. John 15:13
    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

  12. I had no dog in the fight,but I remember watching this game as a casual observer. When the Colts built that 33-0 lead I remembered what Steve Young once said about the 92 NFCCG against the Cowboys. When I was going into the lockerroom at the end of the first half I thought we were kicking too many FG's. Colts still should have won,but two of their 3 TD's came on a ST play and a pick six by the defense.

  13. Watching football in 2x speed looks so goofy

  14. 1:07: “Three straight times, the Vikings defense kept the Colts offense out of the end zone, but it was the Colts special teams squad who not only landed the first uppercut, but drew first blood as well, in the form of a 26-yard field goal.”-Harry Kalas.

  15. 7:53: “Now, just like a late 90’s video game Aero Fighters Assault, the Vikes’ mission time was 19 minutes and 53 seconds, and the Vikings would have less than 20 minutes to either tie the game and send it to overtime or suffer the most humiliating blowout in franchise history.”-Harry Kalas.

  16. As a falcons fan in spring 2024…
    I have mixed feelings about this game lol
    8:38 omg kirk cmon man lol

  17. Insane how the Vikings should’ve had 14 more point at the end of the game

  18. I was lucky enough to go to this game, people deadass started throwing paper airplanes onto the field because everyone was so bored during the beginning of the 3rd 😭

  19. Funny how both of the QBs play/played for the Falcons

  20. What a horrible spot on Indys 4th and short towards the end…guess a makeup for blowing that fumble dead.

  21. I remember it being halftime and Turing the game off, but I asked Siri for the score and turned it back on cause the Vikings were coming back. Just in time for the dalvin cook screen pass Tuddy 😂

  22. If Matt Ryan had have beaten my Vikings he still would be playing for the colts. Skol Vikings forever.

  23. This game will be known as Minneapolis Miracle II.

  24. This is the real Minneapolis Miracle

  25. The last game of Matt Ryan’s career😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. What great comeback! This has to be the game of the year.

  27. 12:20 and the "Jaws" theme song starts running in Matt "I'm a little short today" Ryan's head.

  28. This announcer is the Ian Eagle at home of Ian Eagles

  29. As a Titans fan, this is great in many ways

  30. This is a certified "you like that" classic

  31. I bet Matt Ryan never thought that he would be on the wrong end of an even bigger comeback than 28 to 3

  32. Romans 10:13
    For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

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