Las Vegas Raiders vs. New Orleans Saints | 2022 Week 8 Game Highlights -

Las Vegas Raiders vs. New Orleans Saints | 2022 Week 8 Game Highlights

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  1. Why pay Adams so much money but he never gets the ball. A bust

  2. Wow! The saints, shut-out, the Raiders, in the Raiders is the number three scoring team in the NFL, the saints had Davante Adams on lockdown he only had one catch the hole game, Besides this game all the Raiders losses this season have been by six points or less……

  3. Should have been titled ”Saints Highlights" LMFAO 🤣

  4. As a fan since 1975 I can say with every passing year of this mess the legacy and history of this once fine franchise is getting diminished.
    Snake, Fred B, Ghost, Marcus(!), Kenny King, Tim Brown, Vann Mclroy….That seems like 300 years ago! Those teams had swagger or something, in spades back then!

  5. Stidham would have got s TD if only 30 more seconds! Way less time needed to get to the redzone than carr!

  6. Bro the saints had all the time in the world to throw the ball, AND THEN SOME !

  7. week 8 n they finally gave kamara a redzone rushing TD 🤦🏾‍♂️

  8. Somebody put some Jet fuel in that Kamara!😅


  10. our defence is going to do something special playoff team no dout

  11. This is the first time I’ve watched NFL highlights and I’m sorry but the fact these are highlights is dreadful. There’s not really anything interesting going on, no real entertainment, slow and no flow to the game. Would be so more interesting if the receivers can pass to other players and make nice intricate plays that keep the flow going. Defo prefer Basketball honestly

  12. many people thought things would change or finally get better for the Raiders after Al Davis passed away in 2011, but yet not really, they are still consistent losers in which they never make the playoffs, rarely, only 2 playoff appearances since 2002 and both eliminated in the first round

  13. Still get the raiders love and we still get the more better tell that Chief to get them more better more better and get them more better and better and get Josh Jacobs to give him the ball every time and Josh Jacob don't never stop

  14. i cant believe New Orleans Saints won the Final against the raiders. The coach is very very very in order on what my team is supposed to do, and my favorite player is #41. Keep up the good work Saints.

  15. Sea of Black Jerseys. Wow. Saint go all the way. Apparently

  16. There’s a reason why gold is used for number one 🥇 and Silver for number two 🥈

  17. McDaniels is not a nfl coach wtf is up with the play calling

  18. Kamara is a knuckle head but man he is unstoppable once he gets going the degree of difficulty in some of his moves are unmatched

  19. Bro who is the saints QB who got hurt or whatever when Andy Dalton came in?? Bc tbh I think he's playing very well, some high scoring games that could gone either way, if I ran saints, I think I'd be giving Dalton a real chance to be the starter. I'm also a Bengals fan so my opinion is a bit biased lol but seriously he's better than ppl give credit for, I always knew that and maybe he just clicks with saints better than he did with the Bengals..

  20. WHO DAT LETS GO BOYS. best game so far let’s keep this up and get to a second ring SAINTS FOR LIFE.💯💯⚜️⚜️⚜️💪🏾

  21. The Saints are the second hated team after the raiders in the NFL they're not a big market if you're not from New Orleans you don't love the Saints but they keep on keeping on we're forgotten but not gone will be into the end let's see what happens next week geaux Saints

  22. Things got so bad they parked the Carr smh Carr problems

  23. Andy Dalton has never had a team like this to play with before he's an amazing quarterback let's see where he can do with a great team like the Saints

  24. How many super bowls have been won by a quarterback is not a superstar but manages the game this guy is a great manager he doesn't make mistakes he's a great fit for the Saints right now we've got a great running game with Alvin kamara and all the receivers are stepping up and making big plays.

  25. Man I feel bad for all the Raider fans out there. I think we all thought the Raiders would be good this year. Better luck next year!

  26. And our boys legit all look tired what happens guys

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  28. I love that sportsman ship #24 on Raiders! Keep it up!

  29. This is more of a testament to how Las Vegas' season has progressed; as they've taken one step back in development. I knew it wasn't the best idea to bring in Josh McDaniels as their head coach given his issues before as a commander of an NFL squad.

  30. Raiders dookie brav. Might as well pass Devante to da 9erGang for the low cuz Yall ain't even using him right lmfao

  31. Saints should trade with Philly for there backup QB!

  32. I think its hilarious people tout Davante Adams as a top receiver in the league but literally got 2 total yards on 3 plays against a High School defense. Man misses Aaron making him look half decent.

  33. 3-5 puts Saints right in contention in the NFC 🤮 South 👇⤵️⬇️🔽🤣

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