Las Vegas Raiders vs. Tennessee Titans | 2022 Week 3 Highlights -

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Tennessee Titans | 2022 Week 3 Highlights

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  1. Wow ! What if the play by play guy didn't tell us what we're seeing ? It's TV we'd be fine & the sound less annoying.

  2. 2 pt conversion should have went to Adam's! Without a doubt he would have tied the game! SMH!

  3. I feel like low key I wanna be a raiders fan lol….but seeing this team and how they're playing, they are WAY better than this. I guess you can blame anybody for the way there playing. Maybe it's the play calling, Coach McDaniels or maybe that trash defense. But I will say you can't blame Derek Carr for them being 0-3. That just feels like a cop out.

  4. First play is Derrick Henry outrunning everyone 😂

  5. the editing of these highlight videos is so amateur. every video there is some cut that doesn't make sense or a repeated clip etc. crazy

  6. My Raiders been the weakest team in the RedZone for the last 4 seasons.

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  8. Hahaha 😆, ALL you raider fan! Your team sucks, just as always!!!

  9. ironic how waller is the highest paid TE yet has just about the worst hands of any TE in the entire league

    $50million mistake right there

  10. Raider need to run the ball JJ getting only 13 touches is a crime

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  12. Why is davante not being targeted more lol especially on important plays like 2 pt conversion or 3rd downs

  13. As an eagles fan I can't believe this is what mack Hollins developed into after sucking so hard with us smfh. I'm glad he hit his stride tho he was ballin

  14. I need a big game this week mr henry roll tide

  15. Colts titans on Sunday gonna be a blood bath

  16. 7:58, that’s what you love to see by your defense right there

  17. Who in their right mind would hire that worthless Josh McDaniels as a head coach? Oh yes.. only the son of AL Davis would…

  18. One of the worst editing I have seen in years! And this commentator is THE worst. I always dread the FOX coverage of the NFL (comments from a European fan/lover of American football since 1981)

  19. Some Coordinators should NEVER be Head Coaches.

  20. hollins is a beast. huge fan of his while he was a dolphin. funny he's playing for the team he got famous for making the brail mary catch against.

  21. Is no one going to talk about Hollins game? Bro put up crazy numbers and catches in clutch moments

  22. That last TD catch by Hollins was so disrespectful lol

  23. The Raiders are struggling on offense because of Josh McDaniels who may not be good coach material and they don't have enough great players on D to make up for it. The Broncos whom they play next might be worse on O but have a bad ass D to keep them in games. I believe Denver may beat them this Sunday and if so McDaniels may be run out of LV. In Denver we still dislike him for giving us Tim Tebow so hope it comes true.

  24. Todd Downing really wanted to throw this game

  25. Raiders are going for the number one draft pick in 2023. Maybe then they can draft a top quarterback.

  26. Even the broncos defense is better than the Raiders and Broncos players are of less less quality

  27. Henry is a wrecking machine. Can you imagine being a db when he breaks into the secondary. Deion Sanders, being the chump he is, would definitely being making a "business decision".

  28. These highlight edits got worse, I’m sorry. Please don’t try to keep them short by not showing penalties, field goals or important turnovers. Hope you read this guys 😉

  29. When the raiders hired mcdaniels, my first thought was, well there goes this season. There were better coaches out there for that head coaching position.


    Proverbs 19:8
    He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul: he that keepeth understanding shall find good.

  31. McDaniels needs to get fired lol he destroyed the broncos and he is doing the same to the raiders.

  32. Mark Davis is horrible at hiring coaches
    The Raiders had an 8-8 coach. Fired him for a coach with a losing record proceeded to have double digit losses for 3 years fired him.
    Hired a new coach had a winning record fired him. Hired Gruden who hadn't coached in a decade had a losing record. He was forced out
    The special teams coach took over, had a winning record, fired him. Proceeded to hire a coach with a losing record and now are 0-4

  33. Mack Hollins
    10 targets
    8 receptions
    158 receiving yards
    1 receiving touchdown
    22.0 Fantasy Points!

  34. I can't believe mack Hollins made that titan do a 360!😂🔥 note to Tennessee: maybe put terrance Mitchell back at safety lol

  35. Карр по привычке и герой и антигерой для Рэйдерс. Всякий раз ошибается в самый решающий момент. Очень обидно

    У Рэйдерс вдохновенно играл на приеме Холланс. Надеюсь, в следующих играх он не сбавит обороты и станет продуктивной целью для deep pass от Карра 🙂

    Генри (RB) у Тайтенс – это машина. Его защитники Рэйдерс в 5м, а то и в 6м еле-еле останавливали. Силища

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