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Legend Bowl Review: The Best Indie Football Game

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Legend Bowl is a football video game developed by one man, King Javo. The story behind the game is as awesome as the game itself. Yes, it’s very good, and a legit Madden alternative.

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  1. I hate the argument of, “Oh why don’t you make a better game then?”, because it’s an excuse to either avoid or defend the actions of shitty products. But yet, they themselves know how bad the current product is but won’t say anything out loud.

  2. This game is so good it has me wanting to make videos again.

  3. That parody EA Sports logo
    "New cover art! First pack free!"

  4. Don't forget to join the Legend Bowl Discord for the NCAA and NFL mods which are both really good.

  5. Looks awesome. I've neen playing retro bowl on my phone for a while now. Way better than that madden garbage

  6. This honestly looks like a fun game to play I wish it was on mobile or consoles though

  7. With the right support this could become something special. Because right now nobody is going to buy this for an alternative to madden

  8. King Javo is also a really down to Earth and chill guy and is very humble as well. He just loves football and wanted to share that love with the rest of us. I wish him luck with the console release – I'll be looking out for it on PS4!

  9. Not being on consoles is most definitely a huge positive. So tired of games that could have been great being held back by inferior hardware or wasted development time. Consoles can get their little inferior non-moddable version a year from now when the game is perfected. Do not waste time and resources porting games to 2013 hardware until you have a finished, polished package. There is absolutely zero reason for PCs not getting the best versions of games. Madden and nba 2k are prime examples of this, where they give ps5 and Xbox series x the “next gen” version of their game, but PC the “last Gen” despite pc’s having far better capabilities. That alone should have deterred people to not buy those games on pc or at the very least pirate them.

  10. You can start any year? please tell me there's a mod that has all the players from every draft class

  11. King Javo put more effort into this game than EA puts into their game

  12. Such a fantastic feature filled game that is constantly evolving.

  13. amazing review! can you post a review of sunday rivals, since it exited early access? also when are seamen and bus jibber jr. content coming?

  14. I wish released on Android that game is amazing

  15. I might be weird for this but I think that the art style being what it is only makes the game look more enticing for me

  16. I loved Retro Bowl so I’m certain to enjoy this.

  17. Legend Bowl more like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Legend Bowl

  18. Make a video on world football champs

  19. It would be great if they'd get it ported to Xbox, PS and Switch. I'm just waiting.

  20. Lol “plus a console could happen eventually.” That statement means nothing. Could you have couched that anymore that you already did?

  21. What about someone who wants to experience football without knowing anything about what plays to choose or any of that? does a game exist for people like that?

  22. Great video…..could you do a review on FOOTBALL HEROES TURBO….

  23. All together now: graphics are overrated.

  24. Can you do a franchise series in this, it would be great

  25. The coach and rookie back and forth was dope in the cutscene at 2:41 it actually felt like a coach talking to a player and not a generic cutscene that’s unrealistic or socially awkward af

  26. I cant play games like this its probably fun to some people but this wouldnt be fun to me…

  27. I really want to like legend bowl because it’s a good game I just can’t have a ton of fun because I don’t find it exciting enough

  28. Huge fan of yours and I hope you see this, I was hoping if you could do a series on the nfl 2k21 mod with a created team? Just love your created team series and would love to see more🙏🏾❤️

  29. My favourite part is the fact you can make custom ads tbh

    Is it minor in the grand scheme of things? Yeah but it adds to an incredible game

  30. The difficulty sounds awesome. You can put Madden on the hardest mode & clobber the AI with 4 off. plays & 2 def. plays. That's why I haven't bought a football game in over 12 years. Have 2 check this out when it comes to console.👍

  31. Any word on wether or not this will be coming to xbox?

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