Liberty Bowl: Kansas Jayhawks vs. Arkansas Razorbacks | Full Game Highlights -

Liberty Bowl: Kansas Jayhawks vs. Arkansas Razorbacks | Full Game Highlights

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  1. I will admit I shut this game off at 31 to 7 Arkansas and I did not know the final until now

  2. Been watching KU all season and they NEVER give up

  3. This play by play announcer was not very exciting. Literally converts on 4th and goal from the 2 and hardly tries to be excited

  4. "Opportunities don't happen, you create them." —Chris Grosser

  5. game would've been 3 knees and over, I guess the ground can cause a fumble. He had the football right where everyone carries it, he hit the ground when someone fell on it and obviously with that force it'll pop free. Game should've ended 38-23 but made for alot of drama which Im sure the NCAA wants. But, after all that, they still lost. Kansas seemed to almost give up in 3rd quarter, running ball, punting then they score 2 TD's w no timeout's in what? 2min? cfb is silly.

  6. It would have only been a blowout win by Arkansas NOT because of Arkansas but because of Kansas. Kansas set it all up for Arkansas by throwing 2 bad interceptions and by fumbling the ball on a kick-off return at Kansas’s own 15 yard line. That’s why Arkansas got the big lead. It wasn’t because of Arkansas’s great play, but rather because of Kansas’s bad play. And one pick was when KU had the ball near the red zone where Kansas could have scored. Kansas handed Arkansas that big lead. It was NOT because Arkansas was dominating.

  7. Kansas found out it just means more in sec football.


    Bean: hold my beer

  9. On that last play how could he not see the wide open tight end right in front of him, then goes to the well covered receiver.

  10. Can’t wait till 2024 no more bowl games with 6 win teams anymore

  11. Check the box score above. Pay attention

  12. This is the BS game that is my last football bet of this football season!! Between the shitty refs( Kansas was HOLDING like crazy, dragging guy's down, no call), a BS review booth who apparently doesn't KNOW the ground can't cause a fumble…and HORRIBLE clock mgmt by Arkansas…I'm DONE with putting $$$ on this GARBAGE!! The National Fixed League is NO better!! Phuck it ALL!!…Now let me tell you what I really think…lol

  13. We will be back next year, With a healthy team we are Big 12 contenders

  14. All my years watching college football when a oklahoma team plays commentators always against oklahoma. Such Jack wagons.

  15. The white hat ref should lose his pension.

  16. Guy on last play watched too many replays of Harry Kane’s penalty kick and decided to one up him.

  17. I wonder why they don’t show the full replay of that fumble lmao

  18. Holy Refball, Batman. Whatever happened to the ground not causing a fumble? And since when was targeting defined as helmet to football contact?

  19. This has to be one of the worse officiated games I have ever seen. Were these refs real or did they grab some idiots off Beale Street?? Was told this was a Pac-12 crew. If so, the Pac-12 must not teach basic football rules 101. How could these officials be so incompetent? This was an insult to both teams, the fans in the stands and the audience at home. So sad if these really were Pac-12 officials.

  20. You can’t measure heart..Arkansas just wanted it more.

  21. Aside from the horridenous officiating, what a game. GO HOGS

  22. People are claiming it was the "worst officiated bowl game in history"….where is your evidence or statistics to support this? Stop making baseless, dramatic statements just to emphasize your opinion. 🙄 Great game by both teams.

  23. End of the game, gotta get that 2 pts, and u put it in the hands of the backup QB.. who misses a HUGELY wide open #89, then throws it out the back of the end zone. This game was exciting, but 2 obviously 6-6 teams.

  24. Bean played A+ all season just to do that. Great kid though. Needs some more coaching.

  25. KJ Jefferson does not get talked about enough mans had 400+ yards by himself he really efficient only thrown 6 interceptions in 2 years can throw and run nah he doesn't get talked about enough also mckadoo reminds me of Richard Sherman played receiver at Stanford switch to corner back in the league and became a pro bowl player for the legion if boom

  26. here's my theory on what I think happened at the Liberty Bow, between AR and KS. Both of these teams are like 6-6. AR was getting the best of KS. Remember, they are two teams, that has it rough this season. And they are playing in the Liberty Bowl. Decent bowl, but not the Peach, Gator, Cotton. And not like you are watching teams like, Michigan and TCU. If AR has continued blasting KS, viewers would turn away from watching. This is pretty much the season for both teams. Win or lose. So, what is the point of keep watching? When the teams went into three OTs, then, maybe you can watch this train wreck to completion. Aos, all in all, ESPN didn't want people to give up, watching two teams, and one beat up on a team that was not going to CPS.

  27. Do hear the sports announcer say when Arkansas makes a touchdown he says no flags on the play but when KS make on never said a word about flags. Just saying.

  28. What about a holding flag on KS. Come on ref's. You are the worse I have ever seen and you better quit shaving I know you can't look at yourselves.

  29. After the Hogs being up 31-7, I'd never thought it'd even go to OT much less end in triple OT!! Game of the decade for the Razorbacks 💯

  30. I’ve got 2 things to say, 1. KJ Jefferson is unstoppable guy deserves a top 10 draft position after his senior hear, 2. Without the absolute dominance from KJ Kansas would’ve won mad respect to Kansas but we all know there were terrible calls that allowed the comeback still somewhat impressive nonetheless.

  31. Proud of my Jayhawks… Took a huge step forward this season!!

  32. Obviously extremely bad officiating, maybe the worse in modern bowl history. I am used to bad calls during a game which is part of the sport and you deal with the bad calls. It is a four quarter game and each team has opportunities. This game, however, was not one or two bad calls. This game the bad calls and no calls lasted for four quarters and into OT. No excuse. This has markings of someone trying to control an outcome of a game via the officiating crew.

    Hypothetical question. Wonder if a sports network would be trying to boost the ratings and the revenue by having an officiating crew make horrendously bad calls and no calls so the game stays close and the viewers stay tuned. Could Bowl officials with no water and toilets be desperate for ratings and revenue? Game was a blow out until the second quarter and the zebras ran onto the field. Glad the SEC stepped in made a statement to the people behind this fiasco. This was no accident. Officials cannot be THIS bad, unless there were outside forces at work.

  33. Why isn't 'KANSAS' pronounced the same way with ARKANSAS?

  34. Why isn't 'KANSAS' pronounced the same way with ARKANSAS?

  35. That last play for Kansas… #9 missed the tight end #89 .. He was wide open! Smh!

  36. Kansas sure waited a long time to get started. And 3-OTs! Crazy. College football.

  37. Horrible officiating in this game with Arkansas on the wrong end of the scam. You have to believe that the replay booth was paid a lot of $ to rule that late game fumble against Arkansas. It was clearly a ground caused fumble and should not had stood. Gambling/Las Vegas/Corrupt officials? Yes.

    And the targeting call against Arkansas?! OMG! How much money did these officials make off this game?

    After the game, an independent NCAA committee overruled the call against Arkansas. That alone tells us that the game was rigged while in play. College sports (specifically football) has become tainted with illegal gambling from the mob.

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