Little kid get smacked in football -

Little kid get smacked in football

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Kid gets smacked at football


  1. Dang cuz I’m not like that anymore but I’m bout in the car right now

  2. Lmao I thought I was the only one who thought he hit his own teammate. But I mean to the kid’s credit, even if he did, how the hell are you supposed to be able to tell who’s on what team when they’re wearing the same color jerseys (except if the helmets are all the same colors, then he definitely hit his own teammate lmao. I still would’ve been proud as hell of em anyways haha)

  3. Do you know what we’re made that better wrapping up are you stuck because I’m 5

  4. That’s Helmet to helmet contact. You can hear it.

  5. Why the hell are then teams uniforms identical, when I played in junior HS they had a rule every team had to have different jerseys and if they were the same the refs ordered you to change

  6. That was helmet to helmet…. good teaching dummies

  7. When you take someone’s position and now he wants vengeance

  8. That was his own team mate look at his helmet

  9. Helmet to helmet not the way you want Jr. To hit🤔 sure wish they would teach proper tackling techniques! But the kid is a badass😎

  10. 😐😐😐😐😐 uh that’s not good

  11. Oh my who thought football was only bad in the nfl or high school

  12. Can't believe that hit wasn't on ESPN light them up looking at the next Ray Lewis 🤜🤛

  13. I let my boy play and if I could take it back I would. Head injury ain't nothing to play with. They can wait till HS to play

  14. They’re in same team🙁. Same color hamlet.

  15. Let the kids play! Let them learn what is real and not be babied! The runner is running, the hitter is hitting! GOD BLESS 👁️

  16. Was that his own teammate?I don't get it! If it was he would sit the bench!!!

  17. These kids predicted the 2021 Detroit Lions lmao

  18. How the hell is this allowed in Pee Wees and in the NFL its a 15 yard penalty!?

  19. I thought he hit his own teammate at first!

  20. He can hold the ball better than baker mayfield

  21. Good to see little kids starting early with that CTE. Also cool hearing the parents cheering a little kid getting hit like that.

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