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Longest Overtime Games in College Football History

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A compilation of the Longest Overtime Games in College Football History. Specifically, this includes College Football games that reached at least a fourth overtime. Many of these games turned into crazy shootouts, while others dragged on due to an inability to score by both teams’ offenses. Overall, these games will be remembered in College Football history as some of the most entertaining games ever. The NCAA’s recent decision to start requiring teams to exchange two point conversions starting in the third overtime motivated me to make this video. Feel free to comment ideas for future videos. Enjoy!

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  1. To think it was 31-31 going to OT and the final score was 74-72 LMAO

  2. Wait, wait, wait. There's two games with Tennessee here, and they won BOTH? What kind of bizarre loopy land of All Time Highlights is this?

  3. Arkansas loves playing in long overtime’s do they?

  4. psc I watch alto of college football but I don’t know the new rule also Oklahoma and Texas might go to scc

  5. I stayed up for such a long time for the LSU-Texas A&M game

  6. that buffalo vs wmu game was crazy, idk what I was doing to where I was watching it but I did and it was amazing

  7. I remember watching the LSU vs Texas A&M game, and I really just wanted to go to bed. But I wanted to watch the whole game even more. That was probably one of the best football game ive ever watched

  8. I just actually watched the 2pt conversion of the lsu Tamu game. Wtf where those defenders doing?

  9. I honestly thought the LSU vs A&M game would never end

  10. I was at the VT UNC game! The craziest game I've ever attended

  11. Damn Arkansas how many times must I see y'all I in this video

  12. "Where the hell y'all going? Y'all gonna miss one hell of a game."–Jared Lorenzen to a group of fans leaving that UK-Arkansas game in the 3rd quarter

  13. I hear so many complaints about college overtime rules. I don't understand them. It is fair, both teams get an equal chance on offense and defense. It is real football, just with a much shorter field. Most importantly it is exciting.

  14. So I guess you couldn't find any footage of North Texas's 7OT win over FIU in 2006?

    …Yeah, I suspect there hasn't been any footage of that game since roughly 3 seconds after it ended.

  15. My Razorbacks are in the top Three longest games ever. Two 7 overtimes, and one Six.

  16. I hope we crush Kansas and have nothing like this.

  17. Yes thanks for having Post Malone Congratulations stuck in my head

  18. Video idea- unexpected teams in new year six bowls (ex: N Illinois vs Florida state orange bowl 2013)

  19. Are you going to do MACcidents again this year? (Power 5 teams losing at home to a MAC school)

  20. Arkansas are the CEOs of winning long overtime games

  21. Idea good team vs good team good team destroy them example Washington vs colo

  22. That OU – Texas game was epic. OU belonged in the CF Playoffs. Notre dame had zero place even being there. Texas A&M would’ve been a better choice too.
    Great video.

  23. Do teams snapping rivalry losing streaks

  24. You should do a "Biggest upset of every season" video

  25. Who else got pumped when you heard Collins name

  26. The college overtime rules are far better than the NFL,

  27. Coach O got an ice bath before the end of regulation and had to stay soaked for 3 hours. Then lost

  28. When you realize your triple overtime victory just wasn't long enough to make the cut. :/

  29. Alabama be all high and mighty, right up until Arkansas forces OT against them.

  30. As a hog fan, Arkansas use to be a team that was interesting to watch. They would often times lose games they were suppose to win and win games they were suppose to lose. They were a team that went to OT to many times and you never knew who would win.

  31. I was watching the LSU-A&M game live. One of the craziest football games I’ve ever seen

  32. are we just going to ignore the fact there's never been a game with more than 7 overtimes

  33. Penn State and Illinois have both entered the chat.

  34. Penn state and Illinois broke the record

  35. My parents tell me about how much of a nightmare that ole miss Arkansas game was

  36. I understand that the new college OT rules are in place for the safety of the athletes, but there was nothing like watching two teams duke it out on a Saturday night in what was usually a defensive struggle.

  37. Illinois and Penn st I think it's time I should appear now

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