Los Angeles Chargers vs. Cleveland Browns | 2022 Week 5 Highlights - ishmargames.com

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Cleveland Browns | 2022 Week 5 Highlights

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  1. Fortunate that 4th down failure didn't cost the Chargers the game

    Can they have a successful season DESPITE some of the questionable 4th down calls by the coach

  2. Kinda feels like the Browns were supposed to lose. Throw the game on a pick and then miss the FG too.

  3. Staley is holding back this very talented Chargers team.

  4. All that Chargers money spent on "defensive upgrades" and yet here we are.

  5. Chargers and Browns were supposed to have decent defenses, but have been majorly disappointing

  6. I can’t believe I’ve been alive for so many Mike Williams to come and go from the nfl

  7. Chubb was running threw the hole Chargers Defense right up the gut, but the Chargers got it done…..

  8. Nick Chubb runs like Godzilla is chasing him.

  9. Austin Ekeler
    16 attempts
    173 rushing yards
    1 rushing touchdown
    4 targets
    4 receptions
    26 receiving yards
    1 receiving touchdown
    31.9 Fantasy Points!

  10. Nick Chubb
    17 attempts
    134 rushing yards
    2 rushing touchdowns
    25.4 Fantasy Points!

  11. Gross how much the league is protecting Herbert. He's great but he doesn't need all the ref help.

  12. You need more then luck to win. But sometimes luck is very helpful. Go Chargers.

  13. Like to see what the penalty is, but otherwise nice!

  14. At 13:55 that was pass interference. The 50 yard line was 5 yards off the line of scrimmage. Defender didn't even bother to play the ball he was shoving throughout the whole play.

  15. Why why why’s why why not ChubHunt why why why ????

  16. That kicker needs to be subed out 🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. Bro what was qb thinking. On taht pick at least hit 18

  18. wow, how the turntables…some heavy wrong decisions were made from both the teams, neither deserved to win in the end haha

  19. Is it just me or amari cooper getting boo?

  20. Qb on the browns had a walk in touchdown in the redzone and he gone throw a pick that’s a 3rd string for ya 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  21. Man Jacoby play great game just that one interception

  22. He knows you're supposed to throw the ball to the people in the same color jersey right? 13:06

  23. The Browns have a hell of an offense and a defense that IS hell!!!🤬

  24. Chargers got bailed out, to go for a 4th & 1 with that field position and time left…..poor coaching decision made

  25. if the defense could just not be awful we'd be 5-0 ffs

  26. On paper, just paper, the Browns defense should be so much better. While not elite, Brissett has done a mostly good job except for the costly turnovers deep into the red zone. If the defense starts playing to its full potential, now that 60% of it isn’t injured,they could start winning a lot more games.

  27. And people thought I was crazy in fantasy when I grabbed Ekeler and Chubb as my first two backs.

  28. I only seen 2 carries for Chubb in the 2nd half. KS wWTFUUUUCKKKKKKK ARE YOU DOING!!!!???? Chubb is at his best in the 4th quarter averaging over 10 yards per carry but instead you ignore that and call a play that you should only be calling with a STARTER at QB!!! How do you put that pressure on a back up QB when you don't even have to!!! YOU HAVE NICK CHUBB MFFFF!!!!

  29. If you have a superstar QB and a weak defense maybe you should never punt?

  30. Browns gotta learn how to stop the run, or at least slow it down.

  31. Browns are so boring to watch play only when Nick Chubb get a nice run

  32. Browns got the youngest team in nfl but they're still competing. I remember when they didnt stand a chance in these games. They've come a long way

  33. at lest 15 plays in here where myles takes the play off

  34. Love to see the Browns lose.

    Even with abysmal editing. Admit it, y'all have some shitty AI editing these for you, huh?

  35. Chubb is so good. He finds the tiniest seam and explodes through that jam. An o-lineman's dream

  36. All Cleveland had to do was run to secure that last field goal smh

  37. Roger goodell said the NFL is in the "entertainment" business. when you're being entertained it's easier to ignore what you know is true/makes sense—and just go along with the script. if you step away from being a fan (stop being entertained) and watch the nfl for what is suppose to be—you'll start to notice that games are not always won on the field.

  38. Two of the stupidest HC's in the NFL especially Staley! 🤣

    Almost wore out my pause button at 10:37! 😋

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