Los Angeles Rams vs. Green Bay Packers | 2022 Week 15 Game Preview - ishmargames.com

Los Angeles Rams vs. Green Bay Packers | 2022 Week 15 Game Preview

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  1. Packers finish 9-8 with Doubs and Watson ballin

  2. Upset Alert Rams all the way 44-41 by a game winning field goal!!! Baker Mayfield will win against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers!!! Let's go Rams!!! Rams house!!! I 🖤 L.A!!!

  3. Packers are frighteningly inconsistent. Defense can play well, offense has plenty of weapons. But Rodgers' interceptions make it iffy, as well as some intangible psychological factor(s) that make this a crap shoot. Pack SHOULD prevail, if they can execute and win the turnover battle. I would not bet on this game – it really could go either way.

  4. Go pack, I'm waiting for a super good game.

  5. gonna be tight but i feel like the pack is gonna win this

  6. Watson and Doubs two young studs excited to have both back!!!

  7. Gunna be 10* at game time! Good luck Cali boys 😅

  8. I'm Hoping for a Win on Monday Night. Go Rams

  9. It'll be 16° at game time. Good luck Rams. We need this way more than they do so we're going to get the win #GoPackGo

  10. baker will choke!!! he always does. gopackgo

  11. Mayfields performance last week does rather give the lie regarding Rodgers poor showing with his new WR line up. Hopefully the Rodgers/WR relationship has turned the corner and we'll start seeing some vintage Rodgers performances again.

  12. Green Bay is in Wisconsin..not Illinois lol

  13. Yall still think the packers not going to disappoint yall? How only one person pick the rams?

  14. I hope we make the playoffs we been battling all year

  15. The people who made the schedules probably thought this was going to be game of the year

  16. I hope Baker Mayfield comes out and has another great game. Doubs is coming back for Green Bay him and Watson are lethal.

  17. I need 2 pts from Watson to make my Fantasy Championship 😫 😩

  18. Stafford has the most last 2 min comeback wins then any QB in history

  19. Rams Nation , We Still Have A Chance 💯 This Is The Perfect Offense For Baker ! I Believe We Can Win Out ! Rams 24 Packers 17

  20. Tbh all I'm concerned with about this game is that Christian Watson gets me 10 fantasy points so I make it to the semi finals!! I need #9 to stay hot and keep Ballin. I need #9 to get his 9 td over the last 5 games. As a Bostonian and life long patriots fan, this seems so strange to do; but go pack go!!!!

  21. Carr is not Rogers different game for the Rams

  22. Monday Night Football Packers we got this right the Rams so would have Baker is the quarterback we have a rod and we have all our guys so we have all the tools to win this game let's go pack please I'm 62 years old let's win give me my Christmas present go pack go

  23. Did anyone think of bf1 when he said ballroom blitz lol

  24. Mayfield is about to put on a show. Rams-30-13

  25. Let's go packers Wisconsin green bay LETS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Rams D & Baker are ballin’, let’s go Rams! I’ll win my Poolhost league if they get the dub..

  27. I'm anxious to see a Baker game with the full Ram package which would include Kupp and Donald who are both still out.

  28. I would take the Rans only because GB has the lying creep at QB.

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