LSU Tigers at Mississippi State Bulldogs | Full Game Highlights -

LSU Tigers at Mississippi State Bulldogs | Full Game Highlights

ESPN College Football
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LSU Tigers at Mississippi State Bulldogs | Full Game Highlights
The LSU Tigers survive the Mississippi State Bulldogs 28-25 in Week 4 of the 2021 college football.
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  1. Man, on the pass play starting at around 7:26, Two LSU receivers Criss Crossed and caused the two Miss. State defenders covering them to violently collide into each other. The camera moved away from it pretty quick, but that was one of the worst collisions I have seen in a while. I am surprised neither of them were injured.

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  3. 74th comment team playing hard still for coach O

  4. Max will be fortunate to make it to the end of the first half against Alabama. Nussbaum will be brought in to try to pick up morale and do some play making. It will not work with Nussbaum because his playing time has been squandered with max's playing time and weak arm.

    In a short open field and little pressure the receiver has to almost "stop and turn around" to get the ball for an easy TD. It was not so much a busted play by Ms. Sate as much as there is no respect for max's strength as a passer. LSU was lucky. The Ms. State interception they got was too much air with not enough distance. His feet are dead in the pocket.
    Alabama will give him a punishing 2 quarters.
    LSU defense still likes to "hit and strip" rather than tackle. "After" the two-point conversion is made LSU Defense is still trying to strip the ball, even after the Ms.State player is down with the ball and the conversion intact. A Ms.State player with the ball can use his back and "push" across the goal line? LSU defense does not have the beef to tackle or do not want too…speed is slow, qb arm is weak, no tackiling, O-line is a flour sifter holding water, D is an open Geyser just pick a hole.

    Its coming. LSU is my team but I would not rank them in the top 40. This was bad. "W" or not this is NOT LSU BAYOU CAT BALL.

  5. Lsu can we please stop rushing 3!!! Our defense could be so much better if we get more pressure

  6. They’re really not gonna show the forced fumble on the first drive. I hate espn highlight videos with a passion

  7. These are some of the worst "Highlight" videos I have ever seen. So many key moments of the game are just left out arbitrarily. I guess whoever ESPN has making these just doesn't like to make videos more than 10min long.

  8. Annoying commentaries! I didn’t think anybody could get more annoying than Gary D. on CBS but I was wrong.

  9. Honestly I’m looking at the positive our defense looked absolutely great without one of the best dbs in the country I’m not including the 4th quarter I would love to see 4 quarters of our defense like that and we might have a few upsets

  10. Boutte is going to make a lot of money.


  12. People stay sleeping once we play good competition we’ll spark a fire in our eyes Geaux Tigers 🐯

  13. LSU will have a new coach next year just like us😂😂😂

  14. Leach is the most over rated coach in the nation. We keep hearing about this ‘air raid’ offense, but coming into this game they were averaging less than 30 points a game vs La Tech and 2 cupcakes. And it looked like Les Miles was managing the 2-minute offense for state at the end of the game. Leach is a joke.

  15. How do they not show the fumble recovery that set up that first touchdown??

  16. Nobody ever going to mention the “defensive holding” call at the end of the game that wasn’t a penalty ? At all?

  17. Comeonman, Mike!
    You can do better!
    Inspire the team!!

  18. This turned into a good game but neither team will look good when they play better teams.

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  20. ESPN College football I love watching your YouTube videos I'm a huge fan

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  22. Never has a victory felt so deflating. That's now 4 teams LSU can't run the ball against.

  23. People seem to forget that LSU held them to three points until the last Q😂 let’s not act like the game was closer than the final score made it to be

  24. People sure are down on LSU this year – talking like they are going to go 3-9 or something. I don't see it. Of course they aren't the once-in-a-generation 2019 team but cut them some slack. They are just two years removed from winning a national title for crying out loud.

  25. Great job tigers we played a great offense without our top db and one of our best defensive linemen- Max and the wide outs are getting better and better

  26. Max's stat line looks like one of his dads stat lines

  27. Aye man as a LSU fan I’m tired of complaining, it may not be pretty but imma enjoy each and every win we can get😂 but I ain’t expecting too many more tbh, Geaux Tigers🐯

  28. This game was a definite Mississippi State win. LSU defense couldn’t even stop us from driving down field. Turnovers just gave this whole game away. Malik Heath fumble sent us on a downhill spiral 🤦🏽‍♂️. Instead of being an easy 4-0 we’re 2-2. But I do have hope for our future because through all my hailstate years I have not once seen Mississippi State make this many high deficit comebacks so easily. Also Will Rogers is LEGIT!

  29. why isnt the fumble and return of 40 yards on the opening drive in this video???

  30. So many wide open WR on both teams. I see defense took a day off today

  31. The good: An SEC game away win with 28-10 score with 10minutes to go.
    The bad: Defence gave in 2 TDs with 10 minutes to go; sputtering running game.
    Verdict: I'll take the W but need to cleanup our act if we want to go far this season which I believe we can. Geaux Tigers

  32. Mississippi State needs a new coach. Mississippi State needs to call Deion Sanders immediately!!

  33. We have gotta have a pass rush if we are to survive this upcoming gauntlet of foes just got to be more creative with stunts an technique they stand straight up after initial contact gotta get better great win tho!!

  34. Seems Leach is more interested in politics than coaching. He'll be another Tuberville.

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