Mascots vs. Kids Halftime Game | Minnesota Vikings -

Mascots vs. Kids Halftime Game | Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings
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Watch the full mascots vs. kids halftime game from Friday night during the Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks preseason game.

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  1. The mascot i like to watch is the golden gopher because like they said on come on man he goes beast mode on the kids like marshon lynch

  2. They just straight up didn’t even announce the Loon from the Minnesota United. But I guess since I don’t even know his name and this is 2 years ago, that’s fair. Lol

    Edit: Breaking news – I guess it’s PK

  3. This is weird to watch cause I know Adults are in the mascot costumes

  4. Ball never crossed the plane. What a disgrace of a game.

  5. These kids be like “WHO IN THELL YALL IS ? “

  6. I like how they just booed Swoop because the Eagles knocked them out of the playoffs.SUPER BOWL LII CHAMPIONS PHILADELPHIA EAGLES

  7. I’m upset. They should have went harder on them. Like look at 2:30. This is stupid

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  9. dude im like 100% patchrick mahomes why did yall not pick me im sad

  10. duckling duckling duckling duck duck🤣🤣🤣

  11. what about that one team that got a wheaties box for nfl follies

  12. I just need you be able with the other side to do that for you and then I’ll send them back there to let you see you you can have a few

  13. This is what’s wrong with America just obliterate the kids like oml. When I was that age I didn’t wNt anyone to take it easy

  14. I’m a kid I’m about to play football in spring

  15. They just mad the eagle beat them and they couldnt go to the super bowl

  16. I was happy to be at this game in person cause this was just funny to see in stadium

  17. 5:38 that shouldnt have been a touchdown his knee was down before he was in

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