Mayo vs Tyrone | 2021 All Ireland GAA Football Senior Championship Final | Full Game -

Mayo vs Tyrone | 2021 All Ireland GAA Football Senior Championship Final | Full Game

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The Full Game between Tyrone and Mayo in 2021 All Ireland Football Championship Final


  1. Mayo were brutal gave Tyrone acres of space it really proves how poor mayo are wen tey encounter proper opposition tey usually collapse which tey did against Tyrone ie they totally over rated their big men wen they are hammering the sligos and the Leitrims what happens wen meet good teams tey fall to pieces tey were brutal bad

  2. Mayo just cannot do finals they want to win too badly tat why tey always feck it up

  3. Tyrone were by a country mile a far classier more organised team mayo wud bore yu to death the way tey play their running round the field like headless chickens that has to be the biggest defeat in the history of mayo football its obvious Dublin fell asleep everyone tout mayo were great against Dublin they weren't Dublin fell asleep Dublin handed the game to mayo on a plate

  4. Why don't mayo take a break for about 10 years and rejoin the gaa it's crazy stuff up and down to croke Park majority of years and absolutely nothing to show for it how many times do tey have to smash their head off a door before they realise it isn't going to open

  5. It's crazy mayo are simply a brutal bad team if tey were any good tey wud have at least 5 or 6 all Irelands by now they are brutal bad even their semi final records are brutal

  6. My advice is for the team to say 500 novenas at knock shrine and spend less time on the training ground I come from sligo and sligo are brutal at football but we will win an all Ireland before mayo do if tey don't get their act together they were brutal against Tyrone the amount of space Tyrone players got was insane no mayo players contesting they were better off if tey were at home drinking large pots of tea a total disaster

  7. There comes a time when enough shud be enough ie donegal cork meath Dublin kerry mother of God the door is locked and mayo have no key constantly smashing yer heads off the door won't open it Tyrone were in a different league

  8. Great to see. May Mayo curse themselves for many years to come.

  9. Sign of a brutal bad team ie no matter who mayo meet in an all Ireland final they mess it up as bad as sligo are and their brutal bad they wud make a proper effort to tackle etc mayo looked like a team that were in a daze running around aimlessly a total disaster imagine all those finals and not even 1 victory how bad can yu get not even 1 victory not even 1 I think there's a next life after we die it will be then Sam maguire wil be going to mayo not even 1 victory absolutely pathetic

  10. Not even 1 all ireland victory for the love of jesus lads will ye pack it in before majority of people in Ireland die from massive heart attacks from laughing at ye trying to achieve yer goal or destiny another all Ireland loss for mayo but wat else cud yu expect oh the green and red of mayo I can see her still her soft and craggy boglands her tall majestic hills and still no Sam maguire

  11. And just think, this team is just getting started…

  12. When I saw some of the mayo player's wearing pink boots and playing with their hair,I knew they were done.

  13. Honestly think Tyrone should be banned as they are a bunch of anti vaxxers.

  14. Loved Tyrone since ulster final, didnt know they would come so far, great game! Lads, let me know if this tournament is the most prestigious in GAA? And which is second one by prestige – allianz league or club championship? Best wishes from Ukraine, waiting for international rules match

  15. As a Down supporter, (with Tyrone parents) I’ve got to say you’ve got to feel for Mayo. I thought this was your year… Hibernian in the SPFL were in exactly the same position, with 10 runner’s up medals before finally breaking their hex in 2015-16. Don’t lose faith.

  16. The curse of Mayo continues! Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

  17. Should Kilpatrick not have been sent off as well for deliberately stopping Ruane from getting forward to support the attack. Hard to blame Ruane for smacking him but at least he connected with a good right hook before being sent off.

  18. What a boring one side match. What are the rules of this game.? If an opponent touches you and you fall over, you’ll get a free kick!

  19. mayo will not win until they get rid of aidan oshea and find a new bigman in midfield
    the game plans throughout the years have been based upon aidan oshea who has never scored in an all ireland final.

  20. It does my head-in that folks keep going on about a "curse". Mayo were an inferior team to Tyrone in every area of the pitch & to Dublin etc. in the past, too. This "curse" crap is just a bullshit excuse that's preventing them from winning Sam. They've never been good enough to win Sam ffs. The other team has always been better when they've beat them. It's not black magic – wise up. It also disrespects the deserved victors.

    "Oh, Mayo would have won if it wasn't for the curse". Me arse me bollox. They're don't have the same skillset as other counties. Stop making excuses for them & letting them off the hook with some black magic bullshit rhetoric you'd hear on the X-Files. It's fucking boringly, childishly pathetic!

  21. Damn. I’d shäg them all. And I ain’t even gëi.

  22. This will show the mining companies and their lobbyists what they can't do in the County. Or any.

  23. There's a far better chance that there will be a king of Ireland than there is of mayo winning a final

  24. Australian here. Gaelic football seems like a great sport to watch and deserves much more attention then it gets

  25. Essendon Bomber fan here from Australia and a Conor McKenna fan… now also a Tyrone fan.

  26. Mayo lost 11 all Ireland finals

  27. Morgan came 3 feet off his line for that penalty

  28. I've only been following Gaelic Football since the Pandemic, I'm just surprised it's someone other than Dublin.

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  30. Who gave Thomas O'Shea the positivity pills before the match?? Have listened to his commentary now several times and it's great, somewhat out of character but gr8.
    Up Tyrone

  31. what kind of weird rugby football, handball kind of shit is this

  32. Then there was the the Tyrone boys underdogs my arse

  33. Where us mick dunne the famous commentator. Lol. Embarrassing or what.

  34. Nothing like having a monopoly. Gaa is a racist organisation. Leave them to it.

  35. This is the first time seeing this sport it’s so amazing I can’t believe it’s not an international sport like football ⚽️ so much action greetings from Mexico City.
    I watch the entire match didn’t know I was going to love, and the rules are so easy to catch up with if you understand football.

  36. this is one of those sports like basketball where the defence doesnt really have too many options.

  37. What kind of soccer/football/rugby game is this lol

  38. Delighted for Tyrone even happier Mayo bottled it again 😂😂

  39. Tyrone and proud 🇮🇪🍀✋⚪🔴✋🍀🇮🇪

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