Men's Flag Football Championship: Italy vs. USA | 2022 World Games -

Men’s Flag Football Championship: Italy vs. USA | 2022 World Games

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0:00 Pregame & Rules Explanation
5:02 First Half
31:55 Second Half
53:54 Postgame
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  1. this is honestly the dumbest thing ive ever seen its like sped athletics for bums who couldnt make it to the big leagues

  2. What kinda corny rule is this about illegal contact from offense. Lame. lol should be like basketball when defense hasn't set up properly there's no foul.

  3. The Italian QB is Aaron Rodgers… no one can convince me otherwise

  4. I don't like this version of flag football. Field is too short and narrow and there's no center and TE

  5. why does the USA QB jump when he throws? so funny

  6. This was very cool except for the basketball unis. Make the unis look more football-ish at least with short sleeve tees.

  7. Can you drop the blitzer in coverage as a safety?

  8. Congratulations Team USA!!! So fun to watch. I would only suggest that the broadcast show a better zoomed out view of the action. Id like to see how the routes are developing live.

  9. Flag football are in a Olympic type tournament. I just so rock skipping on ESPN the other day.

  10. Interceptions need to be scored a point for D. Much more interesting that way.

  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣GTFOH 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Damn, I was hoping to see one of them run “the annexation of Puerto Rico” play lmao 😂.

  13. if this makes it to the olympics can we get a USA dream team with NFL stars please

  14. This is called pat-a-cake… why is the quarterback wearing a mouth guard? This is harder to watch than soccer lol

  15. Was getting strong ass Lamar Jackson vibes from 7 on team USA

  16. I don't know how they select the usa flag team but this is not our best product we could have out there

  17. 20 possessions 20 TDs, this is what the NFL wants

  18. This is so lame lmao. It's like watching the same play over and over again for an hour.

    There's the snap, there's a blitzer coming at the QB. The QB throws it for 12 yards just before the blitz gets home and onto the next play to do the exact same thing.

  19. If football ever gets in the Olympics it will look like this

  20. Why do they line up so far away from the line? Seems pointless. Offense can just throw short passes.

  21. Holy crap! This is exciting as hell to watch especially how talented Italy looks! This has to be introduced into the Olympics one day if it gets picked up around the world like it is in these World Championships!!!

  22. The USA QB has the ugliest throw I've ever seen

  23. if this was tackle, USA would win by more than 100 every international game they would play💀💀

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