Miami Hurricanes Football 2021 Spring Game -

Miami Hurricanes Football 2021 Spring Game

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The Miami Hurricanes took the field for their 2021 Spring Game with quarterback D’Eriq King on the sidelines rehabbing from a torn ACL. Highly-touted Freshman QB Jake Garcia stepped in and put on a show along with some other newcomers and veterans. Check out the Hurricanes as they prepare for the 2021 season.


  1. As much as I like college football, I have to ask this:Who would want to watch a spring scrimmage like this, for example either on YouTube, or, on TV?…

  2. Make Pope and Wiggins transfer, then we can go and add that five star receiver from notte dame

    Start Jake Garcia week 1 and I predict an upset for the ages

  4. We don’t need to throw a recovering King to the wolves in Bama cuz one thing is for sure that he’s gonna get hit

  5. Start Garcia let’s see how good the Bama new secondary is might catch em sleeping

  6. Wow Many the Canes look very weak the smashing mouth defense is Totally gone. Garcia is an average QB other wise he would be in a stronger program. He was telegraphing every pass and still completing. That's is just horrible defense. Many get your act together with the defense or get fired. Is been the worst time to be Cane fan after you arrived. DEFENSE BRO

  7. We not gonna beat bama… Unless these receivers start catching the damn ball… And our intensity is needs to match that of bama…

  8. LMAO @ these idiots standing a fucking half mile apart in opening interview of Manny the Mope.

  9. Bama gonna have a harder time than most people think. This team is LOADED compared to the Miami teams for the past 1 and a half decades. This reminds me of the U when I first started watching

  10. Mark Pope and Wiggins better be 2nd and 3rd stringer. It’s ridiculous on how much they can’t catch.

  11. Shoutout manny for rocking the coach schnell tee!

  12. It's time for us to get over that hump and stay consistent

  13. Canes ain't going anywhere (Especially against Alabama). They are and have been for years a mediocre team at best. They need to quit hiring these former Cane players who are living off the reputations of J.J., Davis,Coker , Erickson and Howard who started it all I no longer get any hope up for the Glory Days

  14. I really hope Miami and FSU improve this year. The league would be a lot more stronger. – Tarheel Fan

  15. Defense gonna have to step it up in Atlanta

  16. The QB's looked good. The defense needs to be better this season especially the run defense.

  17. roll tide god bless the canes and there fans

  18. Bro, how can anybody watch this and not see that Garcia is clearly the more talented QB 😅. Why are people even trying to debate it? Believe your eyes people, stop trying to come up with excuses for TVD. TVD is ok, but Garcia is clearly another level above him.

  19. 23:40 how do you drop that! I didn’t need the announcer to know who dropped it.

  20. Another drop by Wiggins, in was tucked in but weak hands couldn't hold on

  21. Too many examples now of Pope and Wiggins having bad hands, we need to move on

  22. Your disrespectful ass,This is Miami Gardens not fucking south beach,we don't go over that bridge

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