Miami Vs. Florida State Football Game Intro October 1987 -

Miami Vs. Florida State Football Game Intro October 1987

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ALL NEW! Here is the intro to the game that ultimately decided the national championship in 1987: Miami-FSU! This was the first season that CBS used this intro that remains more than 20 years later!


  1. @getyoasshome I disagree that 1987 was "the toughest" schedule. Sorry but Miami(oh), Toledo, East Carolina, Maryland and Cincy. Come now.

  2. @getyoasshome Actually you should have said they played 4 of their first 5 games on the road in 1987. Because after the 5th game, they played the rest of the season in the Orange Bowl. 6 straight home games to end the season. I sure hope they were selling out home games back then. I was in college at that time so I'm not really sure about all that stuff. Have a great season buddy and good luck to the Canes this year. This stuff is getting a bit tiresome, don't ya think.

  3. @getyoasshome I'm sorry my bad, you were right, it was 4 of the first 6 games at home. My apologies, lol!!

  4. dude you dont much about college football its safe to say LOL!!! miami played 6 top 20 teams…who has done that? WE ALL KNOW FLORIDA HASNT DONE IT.

  5. bottom line is miami played 6 ranked teams in 87' and no 1AA teams next time florida plays anyone ranked out of conference on the road let me know and NO were not talking about FSU….florida hasnt played a ranked out of conference game not named miami or FSU since 1991. miami played #10 arkansas and #4 FSU in a row on the road…call me up when florida or any school does that then ends the season with top 10 notre dame and south carolina.

  6. @getyoasshome Florida plays South Carolina every year, lol. When are you going to get that I could care a less who Florida plays OOC. SEC schedule makes it tough. You talk to me when Miami's SOS is ranked higher than Florida's. Miami plays a 1AA team this year-FAMU, not sure what you are talking about. Miami played Charleston Southern in 2008 and plays FAMU alot.

  7. sure its tough all teams schedules are tough because they know each other…if that was the case USC would go unbeaten in conference play every year but they dont. just because you have a conference schedule doesnt mean you dont have to play a OOC ranked team. miami plays FAMU this year?…they also play on the road at ohio state and at pitt…so YOU let me know when florida plays someone out of the south. you dont know much, SOS is based on the pre season top 25…its media driven.

  8. in 2008 miami played charleston southern? that same year they played on the road at #3 oklahoma also. and #16 texas A&M so like i said miami schedules tough teams out of conference unlike florida. if miami schedules a 1AA team i guarantee they will have a ranked out of conference game also and 9 times out of 10 miami starts on the road they dont tuck tail after getting a home game like florida does.

  9. @getyoasshome Thats because Miami makes no money at home(they can't sell out a Oklahoma never mind a Miami(OH). Florida makes a ton of money at home and sells out every game. Makes alot of sense to bring in a (example UCF) and pay them $350,000, and everbody is happy. I know you can't understand the business side but it all makes sense. Florida still has a higher SOS every year than does Miami, so why schedule anything but 2nd tier teams. Again, stop worrying about Florda's schedule.

  10. because miami makes no money? then why does USC play tough OOC teams? dont tell me that USC is broke. USC will play anyone anytime….money is just another piss poor excuse i dont want to hear it. first off miami is not a state school its a private school so its funded privately just like notre dame. i dont understand the business side of it? uh no you dont understand football at all. you make up some of the worst excuses now you come with "money"

  11. miami has never made money at home because miami is not a football school its priority is not sports…miami is a law school, a private school a privately funded school now maybe you dont understand that. another thing you dont understand is the top 25 is what makes your SOS if the media ranks 7 of 12 SEC schools guess what? your SOS will be high but you dont understand how that works apparently. thats why people want to get rid of the pre season top 25 until teams get into conference play.

  12. if the NCAA got rid of the media's part of control florida's SOS wouldnt be high. for example 2008 the pre season top 25 had florida, georgia, LSU, auburn and tennessee all ranked now guess where they all finished……auburn and tennessee didnt even finish in the top 25 and had no business being ranked, LSU ended around 17 and UGA? they stunk…..bama finished ranked high and they didnt even know about them…why is OU ranked in the top 10 this year? how did they fair last year?

  13. @getyoasshome The SEC being too tough as an excuse scheduling multiple patsies is definitely a crock… I highly respect UGA. They have their yearly game against GT and the past 2 years they went out to Stillwater to play OK St. and Tempe to play Ariz St…. I hate Tenn. has recently been scheduling tough. I hate Bama, but they have a better schedule than Fla… I believe the Charleston S. game was a result of Marshall pulling out of a game vs. UM in Huntington! Few BCS teams would do that.

  14. i'll tell you a secret…those teams dont have a choice UGA has to play GT and florida has to play FSU…in 1990 Florida tried to drop FSU after they dropped miami but the state of florida was going to sue them….they dont want the game, they are obligated to it. regardless if miami plays FAMU or charleston southern we schedule 2 top dogs out of conference unlike florida who plays 1AA schools plus low level MAC teams.

  15. you are still forgetting that miami played OU in 2007 on the road…miami plays FAMU this year along with OOC pitt on the road and ohio state on the road…no one is saying teams dont play 1AA opponents what were saying is if you're going to schedule those 1AA teams you need to put some big dogs on there and go on the road occasionally not every 20 years. compare miami and florida or any other schools OCC schedule they dont compare.

  16. @getyoasshome … and even then, Georgia has gotten on a plane and headed west… In a perfect world, I believe all teams non conference schedules should consist of 2 home games (1 vs. BCS and 1 Vs. NonBCS) and 2 road games (1 Vs. BCS and 1 Vs. NonBCS)… There would be more competitive balance and everyone would have a shot… Its a good thing the state at least mandates UF-FSU… otherwise UF's non-conference schedule would be as dreadful as Kansas State's and Texas Tech's have been…

  17. @getyoasshome Love Florida's OOC. Sorry buddy, UF doesn't need to schedule any "real" teams for OOC. I love the formula!!

  18. kansas state built their reputation on playing some of the worst OOC schedules in the country and look what happened when they started playing tough teams…thats why when they would get to big games they would lose. florida knows that if they did play tough teams out of conference and then play their conference schedules they would be a 2 loss teams year in and out thats why they wont even play miami on a regular basis. if they were still beating us they not have taken us off the schedule.

  19. we know…..what a joke LOL!!!!! and you wonder why no matter what florida does they will never have the mystique or history that miami or FSU has LOL!!!! their like a kid with all the money that gets beat up at school everyday. he has all the money to try and put on an image but when he gets to the playground hes the first one running from fights……a bunch of pussies.

  20. @getyoasshome You are funny. You think a story about a kid getting beat up is "fact". You spew ignorance, that is all you do. You are like a politician. Everything you say is skewed. Facts are that Florida is one of the top programs in the country. 13-1 in 3 of the last 4 seasons. 2 National Titles-that is fact. Your conjecture on schedule and 'IF' this and that are all opinion. Why don't you run for the senate, lol.

  21. @getyoasshome This is true… when you start running down the list of 5 star game matchups over the past 20-30 years, There are many, many more that involve Miami and FSU than Florida… Heck, if FSU ducked Miami, they would probably have had 5 or 6 titles themselves; I will not have any respect for UF's scheduling until they book a real home-home non-state series… maybe they need to lose to one of the teams they pay out big bucks to demolish in order to change…

  22. politics? ha ha ha ha thats what college football is all about….thats why college basketball gets it right and college football doesnt and you want to talk about politics?? you got some nerve LOL!!!! id rather talk about the facts of college football than to be a kool aid drinking fool like you….I know better, i have been watching football and been around the game for a long time i and many of my family memebers have played college football and some went pro.

  23. its called an example….dont get mad because florida tucks tail a lot…i didnt make it up the evidence support the claims and there is nothing you can do to dispute it. what you should do first is stop drinking the cyanide lace kool aid served up by ESPN and the media. not listening to the media is anti political so i dont know what you are talking about when you mention politics…you got it backwards. politicians want you to drink the kool aid and not think…..sounds like you're drunk.

  24. florida had their chance to actually put themselves on the map in the 90s with the 96' title game but people forget the FSU beat them weeks before and the "choke at doak" didnt help….what these clown ass gator fans dont realize is in order to become legendary you have to have legendary games…miami and FSU both have them miami has legendary games that determined national titles and FSU does also…florida only wins when miami and FSU are down and they still tuck tail.

  25. @getyoasshome Again thats your opinion. Continue to spew it.

  26. @getyoasshome Legendary is winning 2 National Titles in 3 years. Done that, lol.

  27. @knightguy11 Miami did as well… twice (Well, technically it was 3 in 5 years)… I'm not saying that UF wouldn't have won their titles in 96 or 06 (Their non-conf in 08 was good), but I do wonder what would have happened had they risked another BCS opponent in the schedule… a second loss would have doomed their chances, but a win and there would have been no debate (like the argument that was brewing in 2006, when the BCS had UF ahead of other 1 loss teams)… can't wait for 2013!

  28. ha ha ha ha you fooled your self yet once again….legendary is having unbeaten seasons, legendary is winning streaks, legendary is going to hostile environments and winning looks like florida is 0 for 3 in those categories sorry for ya…there isnt one thing florida has done to make you say WOW i cant believe they did that…..wake me up when they beat someone worth mentioning…all of florida's big time games are losses…miami in 2003, choke at doak, 95' title game…etc….ha ha ha ha

  29. when florida wins titles they back in to the title game they are all built on ifs….if arizona state wins the rose bowl in 1996 florida doesnt have a shot for the title. florida yet again choked against FSU in 96' and needed ASU to lose to ohio state to even get a sniff….2006 they lose to auburn and need the dominoes to fall in their order in 2008 they lose to un ranked ole miss at home and again need the media to get a sniff at the title.

  30. @getyoasshome Wow, you are really skewed!! Florida has gone into Tallahassee, Baton Rouge, Knoxville and got big wins. I would call 41-14 vs Ohio State in the NC game a big win, and the Oklahoma game in Miami a big win. You are very funny. Every team has loses. How did Miami do in it's last game in the Orange bowl??? They embarrassed themselves and the State.

  31. @getyoasshome I guess I don't understand why you hate Florida so much??? I like Miami, I like the Noles. I'm proud of what those teams have done in the past. Why would you put down a school and a conference??? It's just a game.

  32. @getyoasshome When you win 9 SEC championships you have some BIG wins. Beating Bama in the SEC CG is a big win(2008). You just can't see it.

  33. @getyoasshome If you like to speculate……how would UM have fared playing in the SEC back in the 80's. They never would have sniffed 5 NCs, lol.

  34. HMMMM….well lets see they played auburn, south carolina twice, alabama, florida, arkansas twice, LSU, mississippi state 4 times, vanderbilt twice and tennessee in the 1980s our record against the SEC in the 1980s was 15-6 and we beat all the so called powers of the SEC and had a winning record against all of them…. miami played the best the SEC had to offer when they won those 3 titles and they beat them. florida, arkansas and south carolina was ranked high…you dont have a clue.

  35. 9 SEC championships? thats your problem you're stuck in SEC la la land were talking about NATIONALLY!!!! what did all those SEC titles get florida in the 90s? 0 nothing zero, zilch, you named 1 win in 2008….the same season that they lost to an un ranked team at home you just dont want to see it. if they win the choke at doak or plenty of those other florida/FSU games they probably have 6 or 7 titles. if they beat FSU in tally at least once from 1986 to 2004 maybe they would have something.

  36. because you're a liar you dont like miami LOL!!!! its just a game? thats your problem the only people that say "its just a game" dont watch very much football and usually they have about 10 teams and they jump on and off bandwagons….they usually are a fan of whoever is winning…..sound familiar?

  37. big win? when FSU was down? they didnt beat FSU in tally and get a win between 1986 and 2004 so when did they get that big win in tally? you are naming bowl games…..WHEN HAS FLORIDA WON A REGULAR SEASON GAME ON THE ROAD AGAINST A RANKED TEAM NOT IN THE SEC???? miami embarrassed themselves? miami was 5-6 that season it was no secret they were not good….florida embarrassed the entire state when they let tommie frazier run wild and get blown out by a team that didnt even try to pass.

  38. 41-16 is an embarrassment… the swamp im sure you remember that…im sure you were a miami fan in 2002 LOL!! miami would not only have still won those 5 titles if they were in the SEC they might have won more because we probably dont play notre dame in 88' or 90' who in the hell was going to beat miami from the SEC in the 1980s? florida? yeah right they tucked tail, bama? mediocre, UGA? mediocre…..the SEC was mediocre across the board. we beat those teams smart guy.

  39. @getyoasshome Pretty sure Florida won the National Title in 1996, lol. I do like Miami. Sorry buddy. FYI: it is just a game. I played it, I coached it, and I watch it. At the end of the day it's just a game. Good day.

  40. uh you dont watch football you only glance at it…leave the game to those that follow it….bangwagon jumpers exit stage left. if its just a game to you then go watch something else.

  41. you dont watch very much football LOL!! lets not forget you're the guy that said "florida has won some big games in tallahassee" uh no they havent…you also so SEC running backs are good in the NFL yet none rushed for 1,000 yards last season, then your classic "miami wouldnt win 5 titles if they played in the SEC" miami beat the best the SEC had to offer….enuff said go watch arena football….

  42. @getyoasshome I like watching college football. Then I get up and go to work on Monday. Great game to follow. Never have a been a bandwagon jumper in my life, not that I care if people jump on the bandwagon. This is america and you can root for whichever team you want to. Miami fans are 90% bandwagon so who cares.

  43. @getyoasshome I might watch some arena ball tonight if its on, lol. Have a good evening.

  44. of course you dont care if people jump on and off bandwagons because thats what you do LOL!!!! dont start with the "this is america" bullshit… this is FOOTBALL, that diplomacy crap doesnt work here…..get off of that shit LOL!!!!!!

    its pointless for you to even speak on a team if you have more than one team because as soon as they suck you jump on another team…i dont even know why you defend 1 team when you claim to be a fan of many more thats ignorant.

  45. thats good you get up and go to work on monday….what does that have to do with you being a bandwagon fan? you've never been a bandwagon fan? then how do you have more than 1 team or at least you say you do but i only see you defending florida not FSU, miami or even UCF. seems like you only defend the team thats winning right now….you're not nickel slick LOL!!! all your friends on your profile im sure are gator fans i can almost guarantee it.

  46. @getyoasshome I can defend any team I wish. Been a Cane fan for 30 years. Not sure how thats bandwagon. You have your opinions. I have mine.

  47. @getyoasshome USC??? Sorry buddy I would have been commenting on CAne, Gator and Nole videos. My father was a big Bear Bryant fan and he did love the Tide though.

  48. @jasmcc1 Perhaps, but a rematch would never have had the chance to occur… Nebraska was also undefeated going into their game with Oklahoma, with the winner of that game getting one slot in the title game to face Miami… Nebraska and FSU played what amounted to a consolation game at the Fiesta Bowl, which was a good game that FSU held on to win… 🙂

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