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Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy: ‘I can win football games for this team’

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J.J. McCarthy will make the first start of his Michigan career on Saturday when the Wolverines face Hawaii under the lights at the Big House.

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  1. JJ comes across with strong character traits of courage, curiosity, confidence, cooperativeness, optimism, humility, agreeableness, generosity, honesty, kindness, perseverance and integrity. Seemingly so appreciative of all the opportunities he has been given. On top of being a great student athlete! What an awesome representative he is for the University of Michigan. GoBlue! 👍🏈

  2. He’s trying so hard not to smile. He’s enjoying this moment I’m so happy for him and this team. JJ is the man. GO BLUE

  3. JJ will dominate and be our starter from now on! Sorry cade but you not it!

  4. lets go JJ love the swag and confidence and yes i know damn well we can we with this guy………..i love Cade he's a good QB but the diffrence between the boys is like having two cars that you love 1 being a wide body Mustang cobra and the other being Lamborghini Diablo sure its fun drivig the old trusty Mustang and beating all the rice burner's out there but when you really wanna beat the 1,500-HP Dodge Challenger SRT Demon equipped with twin-turbos you pull out the Diablo and bust some ass😎………..

  5. It’s crazy comparing his comments and Cades. Cade complains and says the job should be his. JJ is humble and just goes out and shows out. That’s the difference and I am sure the coaching staff sees it

  6. Is it just me or does JJ have a Matt Damon look and swagger to him?! “ how you like them apples!” For the ones that know! Best of luck on your first start and please protect your self especially on some of those spin moves you do when running! Go Blue!

  7. Show me a person who would pick Cade over JJ and ill show you a liar👀🤦🏽JJ #1 and the whole team and Dan base knows it! Sorry Cade 🤙🏽

  8. You can tell by lookin at him he is confident and excited to get this opportunity!! you can also tell he KNOWS hes better than cade, hes excited to show it 😤. Thank you cade!!!!!! Lets see what you got JJ

  9. He needs to start sliding or he won't make it out healthy

  10. Cade is a good QB. Especially after what we had seen at the position for the last several seasons in the Harbaugh era. He did just enough to win, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But Jim also recruited JJ knowing full well he would be the future of Michigan football at the QB position.

  11. They couldn't even move the ball against Georgia until JJ came in. With his speed and arm strength it gives them an advantage especially in big games.

  12. Thank God for you JJ. Michigan wants and needs you

  13. Lol all these Cade haters in the comments need to remember Michigan was an afterthought to College Football before he arrived on campus. Him, HH, and Aidan Hutchinson made that team go last year. People down here talking like he's the next Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers but the man hasn't even started a full game yet. Pump the brakes.

  14. Ofc you’re confident clown lol you are playing against Hawaii 😂😂

  15. Let’s all remember that these are young men who are not playing for pay. Simply college students. Cade has won a big ten championship, which Michigan has not won in 18 years. If Harbaugh does select JJ to take the helm of this team, winning requires consistency in leadership and performance, a steady deliberate courage under fire where the team can feed off of it. This is not easy.

  16. Just a stat buster for all you jj and Cade di** riders:

    2021 cade Mac numbers:

    Passing yards/game: 184 yards/game ( 61st fbs ranking..bottom 3 of the 10 qbs in the big ten)

    Average YPP: 7.9 yards/catch (60th fbs)

    Another weird stat I looked up is ability to Scramble to avoid a sack ( he’s 100th fbs)

    Like the guy is too conservative and immobile give jj the job

  17. Butterfingers McCarthy. Just waiting for him to turn the ball over as he did when he made Michigan LOSE the game against MSU last year, and on repeated other occasions.

  18. He can lose them too. MSU still thanking him.

  19. I like both JJ and Cade! Will say, excited to see someone I have spoken highly off to my SEC buddies lol. I pray he Balls out and help Michigan takes those next steps!

  20. Forget his arm for a moment, JJ's running ability makes him an added threat to other teams and gives the offensive coaches more options in the play calling. I recall JJ throwing it out to Corum on the right side last year then running up ahead of Blake to block for him. Amazing. Go Blue!

  21. I cant wait to see JJ start had how he manages being a starter but man do I feel for Cade. Cade helped lead a team and fanbase to a B1G championship and some of the greatest wolverine memories. It's the nature of the beast unfortunately in college football.

  22. I got a feeling that JJ will be the starter going forward. Go Blue!

  23. From Indonesia, this is the Year. Go JJ, Go Blue!!!

  24. i'm a big fan of both Cade and JJ and think nearly any program in america would be happy to have them. i'm cautious getting excited about JJ though b/c we haven't see him under pressure, aside from the msu game where he repeatedly fumbled the ball, once giving it to the other team. in the biggest game of the regular season and with seemingly all the pressure college football can muster, Cade threw some beautiful passes against the Suckeyes. i hope we are fair with him and give him every chance to succeed and if JJ is our destiny, he'll earn that position just like Brady did back when he was new to our program.

  25. I really like JJ. I too hope he balls out against Hawaii and finally earns the right to be named QB1.

  26. This dude is gonna DESTROY Hawaii’s defense this Saturday day night

  27. Cade is acting like it should be handed to him. Kind of ridiculous. Brady never felt like the job should have been handed to him over Henson. And before ppl say something to the effect of Cade leading the team to a big ten title: the running game and defense carried the team last year. Cade was solid, but they could have won with JJ back there too. This team needs JJ and his talents to get to the CFP final type level.

  28. “I can win football games for this team” …except against Georgia…Bama… Appalachian State

  29. I’d like to see him play every offensive snap for 4 quarters

  30. Wow. This is day and night difference between the two. McCarthy is humble and grateful. McNamara is arrogant and spoiled.

  31. If he don’t win on Saturday this is gonna age badly

  32. Every Michigan QB for YEARS has been hyped up and turned out terrible. Cade is the only one who has delivered on any expectations. The fact that this “qb battle” even is happening is a complete joke. Cade has been set up to fail.

  33. Kid has an excellent head on his shoulders. His parents should be proud.

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