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Michigan State vs. Miami Condensed Game | 2021 ACC Football

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The Miami Hurricanes fell to the Michigan State Spartans, 38-17. Miami WR Charleston Rambo had a big game in the loss, with 12 catches for 156 yards and 2 TD’s. Michigan State’s defense forced two D’Eriq King interceptions however, and the Hurricanes defense failed to secure any turnovers. King threw for 388 yards and 2 touchdowns in the game. The Miami rushing attack yielded just 52 yards.


  1. damn so Keon beat these fools twice lmfaoooo

  2. Wow we couldn’t tackle for shit. Hopefully that ends in The Cristobal Era.

  3. Kind of strange how the Canes started out so good, moving the ball, D was getting sacks, and making stops, and then like a light switch turns off, and we fall apart.

  4. The announcers where up Miami butt till the 4 quarter

  5. Should have been a targeting on MSU at the 18 minute mark.

  6. The University of Miami is FUCKING JOKE

    That's WHY I continue to HOLD to the philosophy that I can't SUPPORT SOMEONE sending their son their to play football.

    The Program is CLEARLY NOT committed to Athletics Excellence

    They are GREATLY Committed to Academic Excellence

    Individuals aren't CHOOSING to attend the University of Miami for ONLY Academic purposes. Their doing so on the CONDITIONS that their is a "Perception" that the University of Miami will Support the Athletics Department with the SAME Vigor as it does Academic & put the WEIGHT of it's Resources into assisting Individuals to Developing & Growing themselves into the Opportunity to make it to the Professional Level.

    The University of Miami has CLEARLY SHOWN that NOT their INTENT or DESIRE. But YET the Miami Hurricane fans & Alumni simply just "Voice their Frustrations & concerns" with NO REAL Power behind it.

    The NEXT Football games should played in an EMPTY STADIUM & THEN & ONLY THEN will the University of Miami Administration GET THE FUCKING PICTURE

  7. Molester State University vs University of Murderers. Hope no one was hurt.

  8. 11:13 Who is the absolute dickhead Miami fan barking at Walker? I mean come on……

  9. The unique beaver preferentially worry because soap therapeutically extend next a purple wednesday. daffy, successful wren

  10. great day,,, anytime the canes lose in anything,,

  11. Walker walked all over Miami's face how delightful.
    Miami: We like to play dirty
    Michigan: Really, ok hold my shield.

  12. God… Miami looked just as bad as FSU. WTF is going on with these new coaches.

  13. I feel bad for King – he was running for his life all game long.

  14. Haha bad weekend for miami football ! 🤣🤣🤣

  15. It's hilarious to hear Michigan State fans say that they have a good team. They'll soon find out just how trash they are. smh

  16. As a penn state fan I was happy to see Miami get destroyed by a big 10 team

  17. congrats MSU. Miami should really just close program down.. They are dangerously close to doing so. It does not generate $$ or fans

  18. 🤣 lol omg many Diaz 😂😂😂😂😂😕😕😒😒😔😔😔 wow manny Diaz
    I don’t recognize this brand anymore. What is it???? You called it 4 years ago ,
    What ever it doesn’t matter anymore because UM doesn’t matter anymore.

  19. Dairy King is not the quarterback for the University of Miami this time for you to b** him it's time to go with the 2nd string whoever he is he don't give the offense a chance to put points on the board the offensive line is weak they can't open up the hole for the running game The run set up the past we can't do any of that we got a quarterback that's is timid afraid to get hit a fake to do what God gave him to do it's time to sit King down offensive coordinator I don't know what kind of place you're calling but you're not giving us a chance to hell to win run the ball the run will open up the past the head coach I don't see how long you going to be a head coach of University of Miami having your players playing like this straight garbage it was up to me out of fired your ass soon as you came out to feel this is unacceptable and this is the product how you drive players for the University of Miami looking like a big joke kick the f*** out of here it is time for a coaching change it is time for a new quarterback it's time for a new nose tackle to tighten up on that run game we can't even stop a

  20. Not much of a crowd. I guess Miami isn't much of a draw these days.

  21. I want all the Wolverine Smoke!!! 😈😈😈😈😈

  22. Kenneth Walker III is legit, that man can move!!!

  23. Why is this man the starting QB 🤦🏿‍♂️

  24. Duh-Ewe is back, what a frickin joke, Duh-Ewe

  25. MSU really improved their offensive line. Walker is a stud, but all backs are having success running. Walker made a smart move coming to MSU.

  26. Walker 대박~, 31점이 되는 QB의 패스는 NFL 패스를 보는 줄~…ㅎGo Spartan~~~

  27. Holy crap. Two words…Kenneth WALKER! Talk about blazing speed and agility + world class acceleration .

  28. Is that BRENSIN? Oh good bass. Best bass in town.

  29. Walker is a beast, he’s a future first round pick guaranteed.

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