Minnesota Vikings vs. Miami Dolphins | 2022 Week 6 Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Minnesota Vikings vs. Miami Dolphins | 2022 Week 6 Game Highlights

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  1. Enough heart on the Dolphins' side. But not enough nerves to cope with the D# pressure

  2. Vikings being 5-1 is almost comical at this point LMAO ol Kirk Cousins hhahahah

  3. Whoever makes these highlights suck. Constantly missing the good plays and cutting off catches, fakes, etc. trash editing.

  4. If the Dolphins were called the Kangaroos they would have a pocket.

  5. Damn you, Vikings! Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!!

  6. As a long time Vikings fan, I've lived through more than a half century of heartbreaks. Usually when the Purple are doing well, I'm still just waiting for the inevitable shanked kick or interception across the body but for some reason I don't seem to feel that sense of he curse waiting around the corner this time.

    What if it's Vikings-Bills in the Superbowl? Both teams are 0-4 in Superbowls. Somebody's curse would have to break.

  7. I am just searching for the terrible intentional grounding call

  8. Wohoo Vikings mop the floor with the poor Dolphins😆

  9. Seems to be pretty consistent the last couple of seasons: Tua fit, Fins win. Tua out, Fins lose.

  10. Good start so far 5-1 hopefully we can sustain the momentum after the by week Arizona next!

  11. Didn't know who was throwing for Miami. Soon as I heard Bridgewater I knew the game was over, no need to even watch the highlights..

  12. 50th Anniversary of these two teams from SB #8, in 1972…the year the Dolphins stayed unbeaten till the end…this time, with a different outcome! Wouldn’t a Vikings-Bills Superbowl be something to behold?!?! ONE of them would have to come out as the winner!

  13. Words cannot express how much I dislike having kirk cousins as our qb.

  14. Mike Gesicki is hilarious man. It's too bad they don't utilize him how they used too, the guy is a STUD.

  15. The Dolphins can't stop teams on Third down in that's there problem, they are one of the worst teams on Defense in the NFL on Third down, that's three straight that they done loss now, Hill put up some numbers he had 12 Catches.

  16. Why did Miami go for the 2PT Conversion at the end? If they get it, they're still down 6. and need a TD and an extra point to win. If they miss it, now they need another touchdown and another 2PT Conversion to just tie and go into OT.

  17. teddy b started the 4th qtr with 92yds and ended with 330yds lol wtf. i’m a vikings fan so happy to see him get a chance. seeing his first pick just made me think and it really sucks that a int that isn’t the qbs fault goes on their stats. there should be sub stats for wr/qbs. like the stat for qb ints and then a separate state for ints that they can’t control and for wrs the regular passes dropped stat and a ‘drops lead to int’ stat. i didn’t describe it well but you know what i mean. the wr makes qbs stats look worse and i think they need to start doing that

  18. Another terrible performance by the offense. Haven't scored more than 21 points in a game except for vs the Ravens. So much for that 3-0 start.

  19. Jefferson's kip up at the end was completely unnecessary but funny as hell.

  20. That 73 yard punt was amazing.. My jaw dropped when I seen that live lmao.

  21. All the dolphins need is a elite QB and would be good

  22. No mention of Ryan Wright's MONSTER PUNT??? 6.2 seconds hang time! Normally an 85-yard punt would outkick your coverage but not with that kind of hang time. No wonder the KR lost yards after he fielded it. from 5 yards deep in his own end zone and finally fielded at the Dolphin 20. You don't see that every game! Should've been in this video.

  23. What is with some of the plays being cut off mid-play recently in these videos?

  24. Am I crazy or did 74 push his own QB down at 5:39? I know there's a viking right there too, but it looks like his hands were on his QB

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