Minnesota Vikings vs. Miami Dolphins | 2022 Week 6 Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Minnesota Vikings vs. Miami Dolphins | 2022 Week 6 Game Highlights

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  1. As a Phins fan, I just can't get excited about this organization anymore. Next year when they start all the hype again, I'm just going to ignore it. Right now, this team needs to go silently in the night.

  2. dolphins go all in on an offensive line and its over next season

  3. vikings winning recipe= play weak teams and teams with starters out with injuries.

  4. So we all agree waddle’s fumble definitely impacted the game at a expensive cost

  5. why mike gesciki look like he stole something 😂😂

  6. commentators did a great job this was actual entertaining commentary 😂🥳

  7. I'll get to see my Dolphins play next Sunday night against the Steelers on tv. Defense is one of our problems. Plus we have no running game. From game to game we never know who is going to be our starting quarterback. Plus we have injuries. This season is a wash.

  8. They missed Ryan Wright’s 80 yard monster punt that the Dolphins return man had to run backwards after. Punters get no love, but he was fantastic on Sunday.

  9. Dear Teddy B – you might want to throw it to Tyreke some more – he is #10.

  10. Not going to lie Skylar Thompson is really good I've seen him enough vs Oklahoma and the kid can ball. Good win for the Vikes though just keep winning.

  11. Dumb dolphins destroying another fine QB

  12. If we had Tua we would of won we made Vikings punt 10 times that’s the highest thus far for a team this year Vikings are overrated Teddy is so trash and the waddle fumble didn’t help at all

  13. Is there another “Dance” ..everybody does the same..boring

  14. why show the fake punt, if you dont show all of it..

  15. Gesicki griddy’n wrong and not caring is amazing to me😂

  16. The Vikings got so much talent on both sides of the ball. They literally went on the road and played in a thousand degrees and still won by not playing that well. The defense made plays when it mattered

  17. Vikes showing up solid in 4th qtr, and winning.

  18. Fellow Dolfans!!!… I'm still proud of dem Phins. Didn't get the Dub, but if we clean up 2 turnovers from this game we possibly come out on top.

  19. The amount of tds someone has is irrelevant because look a jj. He's constantly getting the vikings inside the 10 yard line but if you just look at the tds it's deceiving

  20. Everyone thinking the Dolphins were the next big thing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Jesus Christ, horrible highlights. What happened on the fake? What happened on that bobbled interception?

  22. 7:58
    When Mike scored I started saying
    Cuz I already knew what he was going to do.
    The NFL should do "MEME OF THE WEEK."

  23. Vikes have won against some crappy teams but I can still SAY SKOL😁😉😍

  24. Vikes fan here. The Vikes will probably go to the NFC championship and miss a 19 yard FG to go to the SB. That's the Vikings legacy.😁

  25. Get well soon Tua, you're the difference between the Dolphins making playoffs. You remind me of Russell Wilson when he was young.
    A healthy Tua could make the Dolphins this seasons miracle team. The Chargers were meant to smash the Seahawks and that super bowl finished with the wrong team smashed. I truly think a Tua lead Dolphins can win it all

  26. Who is Mike Gesicki? Did Prince 'moonwalk'?? Did you win? Do you know where the scoreboard is located? You can't do 'the Gritty'. Do 'the Swim', or create 'the Phin', put your hand on your head when you do something good. Like a kindergartener.

  27. Pro football is now a full fledged clown show. The good years are past.

  28. Vikings need a reliable tight end. Love irv smith but drops key passes and fumbles..

  29. waddle fumbled cost them games teddy getting better

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