Most Dramatic & Emotional Matches in Football -

Most Dramatic & Emotional Matches in Football

Sir Alex
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You will see last minute goals, dramatic matches, great comebacks and most shocking games in football. Crazy match was between Real Madrid vs Ajax 1-4 on Champions League play offs, no one was expecting this result after first leg. Belgium vs Japan 3-2 was really amazing match and one of the best in World Cup 2018 play offs. Manchester United vs Sevilla was great game 1-2. Ben Yedder was substituted in and he scored 2 goals in 8 minutes. Roma vs Barcelona 3-0 was sensational game. Manolas scored 3rd goal and lead the team to the next level. Manchester City vs Manchester United 2-3 on Etihad Stadium. Man United had done greatest comeback of Manchester derby. Monaco vs Man City 3-1 was great game. Fabinho and Kylian Mbappe were playing in Monaco at that time and both scored. Ajax vs Bayern Munich 3-3 was amazing game too. See other matches in the video. Thanks for Watching, please SUBSCRIBE. STAY AT HOME! STAY SAFE!

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  2. After that match iam biggest fan of belgium😁

  3. Samurai will not be disappointed! 🇯🇵 👊🏻 🤍❤

  4. Dolanan ko Ming wetan kmbi dekem Nang umah fix najis

  5. 7:54 the cezar goal is offcide and next goal on is bad refree , the refree is crazy

  6. The plastic shock noteworthily admit because couch aetiologically chase amongst a elite armenian. sleepy, cynical india

  7. 2:31 bro that gave me the chills, that hits different, coming from a Madrid fan

  8. Man the 2019 Ajax Team deserved to win the champions league like cmon they were such a good team


  10. Lo de Japón sí me dolió:( yo inche para ellos a muerte cuando mi país fue eliminado

  11. 日本人の私にとって、ものすごい夢を見れた試合でした。

  12. is this ukraine or russian language ?

  13. Have you seen switzerland france… Hell i'm still on 500

  14. What warmed me up was bruyne vs courteous

  15. la cancion se llama NEFFEX – Grateful [Copyright Free]

  16. PSG n barca
    One if the best comeback in football history which will be remembered forever
    MSN missed😭

  17. Belgium Is the king of koming back let’s get it België

  18. can you give me the link of the music that appear in this video pls.

  19. Σεβαστή Μπεγλιόγλου says:

    I love this song "grateful"

  20. I was supporting both Japan and Belgium in the 2018 world cup and they just meet each other in 1st knockout round, bruh :/

  21. Como la de japon belgica estaba ganando y al final.pierde

  22. all are emothinal but barca is finish its heart broken

  23. I would have been blown out of this world if japan won against Belgium like, they have courtios, Kevin de bruyne

  24. اصعب مباراة لعبها بلجيكا🇧🇪

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