Most Dramatic Football Matches 2020 Crazy Comebacks -

Most Dramatic Football Matches 2020 Crazy Comebacks

Sir Alex
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There were few thrilling and dramatic football matches in this 2019-2020 season. Great comebacks and tense moments, epic and legendary last minute goals 2020. Great matche was between Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid on Champions League. Diego Simeone’s crazy reactions were priceless after Llorente and Morata goals. Wolves made a several unbelievable comebacks vs Manchester City and Tottenham in Premier League. Amazing tensed match between Ajax and Chelsea 4-4. Borussia Dortmund vs Inter 3-2 was one of the most dramatic match on UCL. Liverpool vs Salzburg 4-3, great play by Salzburg etc. Thanks for Watching, please SUBSCRIBE !


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  1. Θρυλος για μια ζωη

  2. 1 match : 3-0, 2 match : 4-0 …… Braca fan's :<

  3. How have i never seen 2:45 ? That goal reminds me of the payet free kick

  4. Legends say Liverpool fans are still pissed at Atletico

  5. A game in the Dutch competition (last year I think) was AZ VS Sparta. AZ was leading 4-0, end score 4-4. Might have been nice to add to this list

  6. wow untuk firmino dari atletico madrid!!…

  7. I have a come back this happened a while ago we down 3-0 we comeback to win 4-3

  8. It was a shame how it was only 2-1 I the Liverpool watch

  9. The liv v Salzburg game is how Klopp scouted minimino

  10. Liverpool won on penalties in the game against arsenal

  11. Take a dislike bro why didn't you put ziyech even he was the one who's score the goal.

  12. The football league, few goals, is a disgusting, disgusting, ridiculous league, not worth being watched, watched, and cared for, the beautiful in a football match goals, not people running and racing, I watch better horse racing

  13. wow the whole video sucks because of the fucking bell.

    Certainly 10x in the video that you should like the video.

    So stupid, I will never like it. 1x is enough otherwise it sucks.

  14. Were in 2022 i still watch this video somedays.Its like rewatching memories!

  15. To the editor…..
    Will u do me a favour mate:
    Will u sod off with that stupid bell sound?! It won't make people subscribe just because u keep poking away with an annoying bell sound it's pointless and tbh it's annoying enough to make people Not want to subscribe if they know they've got to listen to that crap every couple of minutes in your videos. Fix up man!

  16. 5:47 Imo is the best match full of emotions and joy! And tbh the goals there are extraordinary!!!

  17. Was the first one before or after minamino signed for liverpool
    And same for haaland

  18. How Klopp was sad i was sad during the live match but we got a goal and won

  19. Which is the BEST match for you? 🔥
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