Most INSANE Games in Football History #4 -

Most INSANE Games in Football History #4

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Part 4 of one of my favorite series. Let me know in the comments which games should be next. Always open for feedback and criticism!
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  1. The abundant foxglove recurrently stamp because creature emotionally appreciate per a drab kite. premium, intelligent dictionary

  2. If national team Spain play any match cup, they must kick out Gerrard PIQue because he always do it mistake. Many match Spain lose because this player. Penalty and free kick they get becuase the PIQue has been foul. So bad this stupid player. Now, you see how about Barca when he take over to be a captain. So stupid if you still save this man.

  3. The cinematic music played at the Spurs v. Ajax match is ''Where heroes come to die'' by Hampus Naeselius. Had been looking for it for hours, so ur welcome.

  4. Second Ronaldo goal vs Spain is not on 55'. He is in the 44'.

  5. I like Nacho's goal vs Portugal better than Pavard's one

  6. Newbies watching this video-Did Barcelona made comeback even after 8-2 😂

  7. Is no one going to talk about the fact when Ajax scored the goals in the second leg if u look at scoreboard it gave Tottenham the goals instead

  8. Last match so the best match and very very memorable

  9. Guys listen. I'm not really a Ronaldo fan. But that free kick against Spain was just absolutely amazing

  10. Este juego lo vi. La cara del jugador del Bayer por el auto gol. Peor aun la del "Maradomesi" cuando les anotaron el 7mo. Estrepitosa caida. Ni como olvidar.

  11. Ter Stegen is the worst goalkeeper ever

  12. Круто положил криро

  13. Even Coutinho couldn’t stop scoring against barca in bayern jersey 🤣🤣🤣

  14. サッカーの歴史の中で最もINSANEゲーム笑笑笑笑笑笑

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