Most THRILLING Games of the Group-Stage - 2021/22 -

Most THRILLING Games of the Group-Stage – 2021/22

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The groupstage is over. The fixtures have been drawn. Who made the best impression on you? Was is Ajax, Liverpool or Bayern Munich? Maybe another team. These are the best and most entertaining games played this Champions League group-stage. What was your favorite game?
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  1. You forgot about Real Madrid vs Shakhtar Donetsk 5-0

  2. Nkunku alone dragged the Leipzig squad tbh.

  3. it's Haller who did almost everything with 10 goals for ajax

  4. All liverpool match commentary was superb

  5. At the Manu-atalanta demiral tackled to Radford either ✨

  6. Looking that rb team but constantly changing personnel causes instability very immature playing sometimes remember a game against psg a while back

  7. Fun Fact:
    Salahs goal against Atletico was credited to him, then it was changes to Milner's goal but upon closer inspection it was credited back to salah as it touched the defender, not milner.

  8. Barcelona is just a name presently not longer a team very disappointing

  9. ole is waaaayy better than ragnick i swear united fans know shit about football lol.

  10. Kylian Mbappe can't score a Penalty.. EURO 2020 too…..Fuck Him 😂😁

  11. Maguire push Atlanta player while heading 😂😂😂, top class defending

  12. Why do Leipzig have about 12 fans at the etihad

  13. The biggest mistake Ole ever did was making Maguire his captain

  14. Anh hát bằng cả trái tim bảo sao mà cứ ngọt lịm như vậy. Bài nào cũng cảm xúc luôn

  15. nkunku is a fantastic player hope too see him in a bigger team eventually

  16. you know your team is good when your fullbacks can score screamers.

  17. will never know why the gave the pen to mbappe instead of messi going for the hatrick

  18. The linesman in Manchester City vs RBL is not getting everything right he’s only human😂😂😂

  19. See how many attacks united cause with Rashford on the wing. His runs in behind are immaculate

  20. Ronaldo is good compared with his record but so selfish playing never work with teammates..want to make good results this year , change your mind to believe with teammates.. or retired this year

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