Most Thrilling Games of This Season - 2022/23 -

Most Thrilling Games of This Season – 2022/23

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This is a video about the most exciting and fun games played in European football in the 2022/23 season. Some of these games you might have seen, but I assure you some of the games you haven’t. Let me know in the comments which games I should include in coming episodes.
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  1. Missed Benfica Juventus that was a cracker

  2. lets be honest now, inter shouldve won that against barca

  3. England litterally has the worst keepers ever.

  4. Barça vs Inter hurt to watch. Blood pressure was through the roof watching that game.

  5. Var always robbing barca lewa if he was offside then barella was

  6. arsenal vs liverpool ?
    spurs vs chelsea ?
    brentford vs man united
    real madrid vs barca

  7. How berella goal stand or I don’t understand game anymore

  8. Werder Bremen vs Dortmund deserves a shout and Der Klassiker as well

  9. 各位小哥~那让聚力陪你迎战世界杯,,点简介领优惠,一起交流吧⚽

  10. For me Werder Bremen VS Borussia Dortmund is the best game of the season so far

  11. Ter shtegen out Nüer best goal kepper word

  12. Leeds comeback againts Bournemouth shoul've add to list

  13. 12 novembre 2022 8:56 100%

    In cucina

    Giorno 44 dell' anno scolastico 2022/2023(escludendo festività e weekend)


    Sveglia 8:50

    Ieri 6,5 in interrogazione di economia aziendale sui cicli di gestione

  14. 13 novembre 2022 9:44 100%

    In cucina

    Giorno 44 dell' anno scolastico 2022/2023(escludendo festività e weekend)


    Sveglia 8:40

  15. Rennes and FB

    In the 2 matches played, Fenerbahce came out of the group with a comeback

  16. surprised you didnt put in Hungary England 4-0.

  17. You should have added Fiorentina 3-4 Inter as well

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