My top 10 Table Top football games -

My top 10 Table Top football games

Sixties Child
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In this video we look at my top 10 vintage table top football games
from blow football to striker, which did you play? did you have a
favourite/ let me know in the comments .


  1. I did a little experiment to see which game is more realistic when it comes to things like scores & timings.A 1970s, 1980s game called "kickoff" (similar to the "penalty" examplar in this video), where you choose from 8 cards to play.

  2. I had casdon soccer in the 1970s absolutely loved it and my brother had big league football game in the early 70s with Martin chivers on the front of the box.

  3. what about hot shot hamish best penalty taking game ever

  4. 8:03 I'd love to build an old school football stadium with the vintage Subbuteo sets, too bad it's not produced anymore.

  5. Striker yes superior for realism , but Subbuteo no, not for me ! stupid big ball .. 🙄

  6. Your channel Rocks,,, I had Subbuteo and Striker,,good old memories long before computer games,,,first ever electronic game I tried was ping pong on a TV lying flat that was in Switzerland around 74,,,,,long time back but fond memories,,Thanx for a great vid,,have an awesome weekend,,,

  7. Enjoyed that.  I played most of these games as a kid but I reckon my favourite was Casdon soccer. Two knobs each end which swivelled the players which had a plastic tab at the base which "kicked" the ball. Was actually better than my description !  Cheers !!

  8. Correction. Just for the record.. Subbuteo sounds was a 45rpm single not an album as I stated.

  9. Loved this one……at some time I must have owned virtually all of these, personally speaking though I never got the appeal of actually playing Subbuteo – apart from of course the fantastic accessories they made such as the Floodlights, the stands, the TV stand with reporter and cameraman, referee/linesmen, etc and the actual Cup replicas – I actually bought the accessories but just could not get on with the actual game !itself !
    Personal likes were: Striker and Super Striker, Big League (Chad Valley) – that was the one where the players were similar to striker but you had to pull the leg back to kick the ball (rather than tap on the head as in Striker). But my number one favourite was:……. Waddingtons Table Soccer.
    I know it was a glorified "tiddlywinks" and the pitch was only a folded up piece of cardboard, and the players were easy to break, but what a great game it was, some of the goals you could score were absolutely stunning, "Goal of the season" material no less.
    My Aunt bought me my first one back in 1969 as a Christmas present (I was 9 at the time). I must have played that game virtually every day for years. It was so easy to set up plus it was easy to play by yourself. I had to replace the set over the years but still had enough players to introduce it to my son, and he still remembers when we used to play it. Just waiting for my grandson to be old enough (currently only 4 years old).
    So overall I would prefer Waddingtons Table soccer with the Subbuteo accessories on the side. Big League 2nd, and Super Striker 3rd.

  10. Forget the football I use to love the crowd violence with subutteo great times me and my brother the yids and my firm the chelsea headhunters of course we always took their end 🤛🏼🤛🏼🤛🏼😂👍

  11. The one thing I remember about Blow Football was how the saliva used to gather at the end of the straw and spill out, water logging the pitch!   Subbueto was by far the best of them all and a wonderful Christmas gift.  I loved the feel of the velvety green field and the earnestness of the little men wobbling away as the crowd roared.    I do however feel a little short changed by Santa Claus because until now I had absolutely no idea that all these accessories even existed!

  12. Thanks for posting, Sixties Child, really nice.

  13. According to Mark Adolph (the son of the man who invented the game) it is pronounced "Sub-beauty-oh" not "Sub-boo-tee-oh"…

  14. Subbuteo was by far the best! The number of accessories increased significantly if you used Hornby railway stuff which was the same scale. If I had the money and the space for it I'd love to have a full subbuteo pitch and an adjacent train station with intercity train 😂

    I've been getting nostalgic about a football game I ordered out of the back of a magazine sometime in the 90's, it was a board game where you had a football club, you played games and if you won the league then you could earn money and buy players.

  15. Had the 2 versions of Striker. Can go into details. Don't think there was a third version. Just be careful hitting their heads for a kick forward. You could damage the figure : ) Second version had a spring action re goalkeepers for defensive purposes. First version, they were more staid, defensive wise. In the first version they could only throw forward to the defense.

  16. I shouldn't admit this but I still have that Subbuteo record. My dad kept all my 70s toys. The record was horrendous. That chant of "yo yo ho, Subbuteo…..SUBBUTEO"…ROFL.

  17. The only problem with Subbuteo is you could never get a decent pie at halftime

  18. I’m a early 90’s kid, we had Subuteo and super striker, I’m in the process of rebuying them for my 5yo son along with test cricket (Cricket’s Subueto)

  19. Definitely subbuteo Leeds United got the team only had it two days and the bloody dog ate all my players and the box 🤣 great video👌

  20. You've got to flick to kick ⚽ many happy hours playing Subbuteo with my brothers in 60's & 70's. Love your channel

  21. World Cup Striker was the best by far . Diving goalies floodlights the lot .

  22. Most enjoyable but you forgot Big league by Chad Valley. Bigger pitch than subuteo, you painted the teams. I even made proper mains flood lights etc.

  23. cant believe waddingtons table soccer isnt here!!

  24. Tipp kick, Striker far more action packed and fun than tedious subbuteo. However, for scale realism and appearance the prize went to subbuteo.

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