New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers | Week 4 2022 Game Highlights -

New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers | Week 4 2022 Game Highlights

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  1. Zappe showed elite quarterback skills
    Against a solid packer DEFENSE!!

  2. Bien merecido después de robarles ese touchdown

  3. Terrible edited for this recap. Played same play twice and cut to random tackles

  4. I have said zappe is a very good quarterback since preseason. Obviously not elite. However, for being a third string rookie…cmon that’s a steal the patriots got for a qb. Zappe has a very unique way of throwing…if you notice a lot of his throws are perfect to the back shoulder of the receiver.

  5. It’s always a stress watching the packers play 😮‍💨

  6. Looks like Brady deserves credit for those rings!

  7. Belichick would of paid JC Jackson Patriots probably win this game. For that young pats QB, he had to get on the plane home, sit down and think "I just went into overtime against Aaron Rodgers in lambeau" good for him, too bad they couldn't close it out. Belichick genius defense made Alan lazard look like devante Adams.

  8. I don't know another team that gets away with as much as the Pat's do….

  9. Since when can the ground force an incompletion after the receiver secured the ball and took another step?

  10. I’m not even mad at my Patriots we played really hard and wasn’t letting green bay bully us 👌🏾

  11. Zappe did pretty good but please keep ya eyes open the pain is only temporary

  12. Wide Outs for G.B. do not look at the coverage or a different single coverage with Rogers or when the Yellow Flags can help ????

  13. What a way to Finish in get the win by the Packers.

  14. 100% delay of game again…..

    When you have announcers yelling at the TV about it, there is something wrong.

    Patriots…no surprise there.

  15. Tony should be a defensive coach or just a coach in general.

  16. Maybe if the Yankees weren't so cheap New England you could have had Tom Brady still with another championship he put that right in your face

  17. who edits these? :34 to :56 is the same play repeated

  18. Такую игру испортили своим спойлером…зачем такое западло делать непонятно,если можно было я бы десять антилайков поставил бы!

  19. Wtf…Brian hoyor is still playing holshit

  20. The editing on the highlight videos are not the best for something like the NFL ^^

  21. I like how the Patriots lost this game. The Pats suck since Brady left. Their fans suck too.

  22. Home field, against a 3rd string high school kid and it goes to overtime… oof. Packers may have won but that’s got to feel pretty close to an L.

  23. Defensive coaches live they life studying offense, It's wisdom coming from old man Bill Belichick , Patriots fans lost they mind when Patricia was assigned but it's brilliant he knows offense and how to attack defense, he knows defense and on how to attack offense. Patricia is a chemist, "Rise of Chemical Pat" @5:59

  24. Side note, the Packers have the easiest schedule I've ever seen in my life. They literally play one decent team throughout their first 7 games.

  25. What a rigged game. That was a TD, he got 2 feet in

  26. Brett farve had a bunch of nail biters also that's when you're good but could play better packers are going to lose against the giants simply going to underestimate them well that's how I feel

  27. I think KC is looking at what would happen if they let Mahomes go Tampa. A hurricane would wipe out the state after winning a SB, and KC would be losing by small margins, no matter how great the coach thinks he is.

  28. Absolutely cowardly move to not go for it on 4th down in OT.

  29. If u know football.. what zappe and the coaching staff did was unreal

  30. People can say what they want. Romeo Douvvs is the 2nd best WR in the league right now

  31. Imagine how shitty the other 2 QBs are lol when this kid is better then both of them, straight cold off the bench and probably didn’t practice all week. Now this last week he’s gonna have a real practice week as the #1. Can say one thing for sure. He’s a much better pocket QB then both trash cans Jones and Hoyer. That element transferring from western KY, that alone is good enough to be better then both those trash cans. I can’t see him not being the #1 NE QB this year lol. Especially when who tf his competition is

  32. Even with the usual NFL officials coddling of the Cheatriots, the losers from NE still, well.. lost.

  33. Patriots score on an obvious delay of game. Then the Packers don't get a touchdown after the ground causes the ball to come out? Dude had possession all the way to the ground.

  34. As a pat fan … We need these type of games 💪🏈❗❗

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