New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins | Week 1 Game Highlights -

New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins | Week 1 Game Highlights

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  1. I heard Mac had a back injury. I’m an Alabama/Dolphins fan. Bama at birth Miami in the early 80’s when my uncle lived there. So good win for the Dolphins. My Bama side wants Mac to do well also. From what I saw he did. It looks like they have problems catching, fumbling and protecting. Good game Mac, great win Dolphins! Great job Tua/Waddle, but shout out to Hill on that catch!!!

  2. Wow!! Dolphins shouldn't be slept on at all this season!! 🐬

  3. can someone explain to me, why did the catcher got to roll into goal zone without being counted as down on patriots firs goal?

  4. As a Patriots fan, the only real concerns are Trent Brown’s missed block on the strip-sack and the failure to contain Waddle on the TD. Miami outplayed us and have an incredibly talented team, and the pick in the end zone was the perfect storm – from an insane deflection to the Holland being in the perfect spot to make a big play. You can blame Mac or Parker but if Holland was much further away it’s likely incomplete. Hill and Waddle were contained well for the most part, great game by Miami.

  5. The patriots STILL cannot go a single year without losing to the negative record dolphins, with or without brady. This is so hilarious! Lol like a curse! 💯🤣

  6. Well Bill sure isn't looking better than Brady after the split. God what a weak team that isn't doing anything. Trying the same formula with a guy who couldn't ever compare with TB12. No explosiveness, so many obvious limitations

  7. The dumb number change rule has really made figuring out a players position a chore. Dumbest rule change ever. Players had specific numbers for a reason, now theres damn near no rhyme or reason to em. Smh

  8. I'm sorry but Mac Jones ain't it lol

  9. Just wanted to say goodbye to my Pats good ol’ days. My team sucks now.

  10. Let's Go Fins! Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, Xavien Howard, Jevon Holland, Chase Edmonds, Jaylen Waddle, Raheem Mostert, & Emmanuel Ogbah all displayed effort in Week 1, and we are 1-0 let's make it 11-6 or 12-5 by the end of the year

  11. Miami looks good, I love the waddle…can you imagine the whole stadium doing it?

  12. i didnt watch the game, but at 11:07 of the video, edmond didnt appear to be touched and no one jumped on the ball.

  13. This has nothing to do with the game but the commercial before the replay. I will never purchase anything from a commercial that has Sarah Silverman in it. Trash liberal🖕🖕🖕

  14. Is hill that damn fast or is Tua's arm that weak. Just once I'd like to see Tua hit hill in stride. Seems like hill is always slowing down or stopping for the ball

  15. Tua is the most limited QB in NFL. Dolphins have a stacked team they are just handicapped at the QB

  16. Havent been this excited about Miami since Marino. The Patriots look like the Patriots of thst era too.

  17. As a long time football fan and Floridian I feel a need to vent. Why, oh why, does the NFL still schedule the Bills and Patriots to play the Dolphins in Miami in September and have the Dolphins in Foxborough and Buffalo in December and January? This doesn't make sense. I'd rather see the Dolphins start the season with three games on the road and play football at home in December and January. Better weather means better traction and less chance of a sloppy game and the players won't have to deal with the extreme heat and humidity. It also means fans won't have to deal with extreme heat or cold during these games. Then again the NFL had Atlanta in the NFC West and St. Louis in the NFC East so I shouldn't expect them to always make sense.

  18. That was Exciting to see what the Dolphins are doing there. Wow

  19. I’m more worried about the patriots than impressed with the dolphins after watching this tbh. To only score 10 offensive points with Tyreek hill, Jalen waddle, and Mike Giseki on your team is not acceptable. But I have faith it will get better, Im choosing to believe in the potential of Mike McDaniel as a play caller and leader. To just build on this momentum and get the most out of this arguably top 5 roster.

  20. With 24 seconds left in the first half, the commentators showed just how stupid they are, as Miami made a touchdown. Sweet.

  21. Can someone explain to me why the Ty Montgomery touchdown counted?? He fell over and rolled in, is that legal?

  22. Man, I hate how this channel always uses of thumbnail with a player from the winning team holding the ball(or occasionally a defensive player making a sack or other good play.)
    Talk about a spoiler.

  23. As an admittedly spoiled Patriots fan, it really is rough watching them make so many little mistakes(e.g. penalties, turnovers, missed tackles, throws that shouldn't be made, etc.) that just didn't happen so much in the Brady days.
    Granted, it's not as bad as back in the day, watching Bledsoe hold onto the ball for like 10 seconds and get sacked over and over with my dad(especially since at least now we have a bunch of super bowl wins), but still. It's just not the same.

  24. Tagovailoa is just getting started. He's from Ewa Beach (eh va beach) Hawai'i. He is tough, akamai (smart) and humble. Tagovailoa vs Mariota in a Superbowl. Oh yeah

  25. In order to roll both knees are obviously already on the turf what rule am i not understanding. . .I hate NE not just when Brady was with them but in perpetuity of him of course and Deflate-Gate and the douchiest head coach in the NFL but if it is really a touchdown explain to me why someone who lives and breathes NFL football?

  26. Flex I think it’s a Percy time to do super chats cause people need to start chatting

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