New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins | Week 1 Game Highlights -

New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins | Week 1 Game Highlights

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  1. big whoop, the patriots still have 6 super bowl championships

  2. Wtf was the patriots thinking before halftime😂 that was like the easiest TD pass ever.

  3. The Dolphins play calling is next level. Definitely utilizing the entire offense, something we havent seen in a long while. We just need to shore up that line for Tua and even just a mediocre run game and we are playoff level.

  4. 1:28 clear cut evidence how poorly coached the Patriots are. They took a time out before this snap….

  5. I am fairly sure if Tua has a long career that he's gonna show Warren Moon and Dave Kreig just how good a fumbler he is as he is on pace to shatter anyone's fumble records, or so it seems. Every third time he's touched he loses the damn ball.

  6. Ngl tua gon be a future hall of fame 💯 still a long way to go tho

  7. I think patriots head coach bill will die during the season.

  8. Johnu Smith is probably the most underrated TE in the league yet he still gets underutilized.

  9. Dolphins played really good this game in the efficiency department. 3rd and 4th down they made their money.

  10. That boy Kader Kohou plays with some VIOLENCE 🔥🔥 gotta have this man on the field more

  11. Maybe its just because he is following Brady but I never thought Mac Jones was that great. Ill give him time though

  12. critics say patriots offense was anemic….i guess they need something to talk about…a few mistakes that cost them points…pats are oki..

  13. For whatever reason people talk BS about Tua. Tua's record as starter: College: 22-2 (30-2 in games he played) NFL: 15-8. Dude just wins.

  14. Niners miss you coach mcDaniels . Dolphins offense looking electric

  15. Patriots would've been scoreless had the refs not called a weird illegal contact. Both players have a fair chance at jumping for the ball there.

    Too early, but Dolphins stomping the Patriots like this can only mean they're finally clinching the division this year.

  16. Wonder if hill misses mahomes about now..?

  17. If the patriot defenders could catch the ball, Miami would be talking about replacing Tua. So many poor throws.

  18. Roll tide! Tua–Mack–waddle!!? Tide n saben own NFL!

  19. Dolphins are my second favorite team, I don’t care what everyone’s says!! I have two favorites nfl football teams

  20. Man this run action Miami is working with is something else

  21. My Friend Is A Dolphins Fan So I'm Showing Some Love Coming From A 49ERS Fan. Positive Vibes

  22. Poor Miami,do they really think they can win every game with an offense that scored one TD.

  23. Wasn't this 10 str8 wins
    For dolphins
    Against patriots
    At home

  24. I like the commentator trying to be Tony Romo with his predictions and missing on pretty much every one. Near the end of the first half, "I don't love this play for Miami": Tua throws a touchdown to Waddle; Just past half way through 3rd quarter, "I really like this play for New England": incomplete pass; Almost half way through 4th quarter, "This will be an all out blitz by Miami": 4 man rush, etc.

  25. Without Tom Brady, the Patriots are useless!

  26. Didn't know Hill went to the dolphins 😵… Didn't know Mack went to the Chargers 😵…. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. I think Miami will be fighting for a wild card spot this year

  28. this patriots team looking absolutely abysmal

  29. Refs showing favoritism towards the dollhins

  30. I think it's time we start saying Belichick WAS one of the greatest coaches ever.

  31. AFC East goes through Buffalo! These two teams played like it's still preseason.

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