New England Patriots vs. New York Jets | 2022 Week 8 Game Highlights -

New England Patriots vs. New York Jets | 2022 Week 8 Game Highlights

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  1. Jones remind me of Bledsoe. Pocket QB and holding the ball too long in the pocket. I hope he gets better or we are doomed.

  2. Stinking QB play from both young fellas, I mean that MF couldn't even do the throw away right lmao

  3. Pats pick off self-destruct Wilson enable a W……

  4. The Pat's we are still the best in the world bad start to a season does not define the rest of the season

  5. Wilson looked out of his depth… and drowning.

  6. The refs bail out the Patriots again with a questionable roughing the passer call, on a Jets pick six.

  7. Pats get the offense rolling & they’re damn near unstoppable. The defense has been amazing.

  8. Special teams and Stevenson were why the Pats won. We really need to get something going on offense with the Bills, Dolphins, etc coming up. Get Mac an elite weapon. Miami gave Tua Tyreek Hill and suddenly after years of mediocrity he looks likea top 5 passer in the league. Smh. I'll never understand why they won't help Mac more

  9. Jones looked awful again, can we just stick with Zappe? Jones just keeps checking the ball down or running it, he can’t make reads or throw a tight spiral like he was last season. His QBR every game is awful unlike Zappe and zappe actually makes reads and throws rather than the constant check downs or runs we get from Jones.

  10. In his NFL career, Zach Wilson has thrown 12 TD's and 16 INT's. That pretty much sums it up. But the Jets will stick with him because some teams just love to lose.

  11. Zach gave the game away , this should have been a Jets win , Zach played as if he went backwards , last season , he personally blew this game and he will do it again . I guess we will c , they have a tough schedule remaining ,if they can possibly win 5 more games they may have a chance at a wildcard game , but if they play like they did against the Patriots then no way, its over ! So sad ,about that game

  12. Can someone please tell Zach Wilson that he's NOT Patrick Mahomes?😂

  13. Wilson made a lot of bad decisions, but he also needs better protection.

  14. I feel like I just watched a time machine game, but it says "2022" on these highlights.
    Excellent game for Nick Folk – that's why they call it "football."

  15. 12:04 the comedic timing to cut to that after "the jets are still in it"

  16. good for the zebras not throwing a flag at 5.40 in the second

  17. Should have stayed with Zappe! Sloppy performance

  18. Wilson throws with reckless abandon, this QB will end up the route of Mayfield, a backup.

  19. Drives me nuts when the QB just stands there like a statue after time and again the O-line is leaking like a sieve and then takes sack after sack and throws pick after pick.

    Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.

  20. Looks like Jets defeated themselves. Wonder what the score would been had the Jets not turned those many balls. Don’t know how long BB’s leash is on Jones but hope is not too long.

  21. Сила Джетс в персонале защиты. В этом матче на защиту выпала большая нагрузка и они отлично справились, дали занести только один TD.

    Атака Джетс в этом матче была крайне непродуктивна. Выноса нет. В пасовой игре нет адресатов, есть сэки, пасы в аут и перехваты. Ещё и один из FG ушел мимо. Зак Уилсон (QB) провел ужасный матч, но и O-Line Пэтриотс оказали сильное давление на QB Джетс

    Киккер Пэтриотс сегодня великолепен. Был точен с любых дистанций. Браво

  22. wheres all the whites saying zach is betten than justin fields lol

  23. Stevenson is beast keep on short chain still long season to go

  24. As a pats fan sloppy game but great defense

  25. Zach Wilson throws some of the dumbest picks I’ve ever seen

  26. The Jets forgot there were 3 more quarters.

  27. "118" must be code for don't block anybody.


  29. New England Patriots vs new York jets 2022 ian eagle Charles Davis Evan Washburn

  30. OK I was wrong Mac Jones is a horrible Quarterback, I hope coach Belichick gets Garapolo next year they have a great team

  31. Zappe has more upside then Jones in my opinion. He moves better in the pocket, has better mobility where he extends plays and he gets the ball out faster. Bill should've let him start until he lost the job from his game play.

  32. These highlights do not include the biggest play in the game lol.

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