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*NEW* FREE Football Game that’s like NFL BLITZ

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The fine people at STG Football asked me to play their game and while a sponsored video, provide my honest thoughts on their new game and any suggestions I may have. For a FREE arcade football game I thought it was fun and scratched the itch for someone who hasn’t played NFL Blitz in years.

A new take on Football akin to “The Yard” mode on Madden. STG Football is a 7v7 competitive arcade football game where 3 of the 7 players on each team are controlled by AI, and the other four players are controlled by people. Geared towards teamplay from the ground up, STG Football is aiming to break the mold on the current American Football game market. Officially licensed by the NFLPA, you can collect different tiers of players that are tied to your account using blockchain technology, allowing you to sell the players you don’t need. Similar to Madden Ultimate Team, but with real currency.


C4 is the originator of the Realistic Rebuild on YouTube and we’re now into Madden 22 season where you will find Madden 22 Rebuilds, Madden 22 Realistic Rebuilds, Madden 22 Franchise Mode

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  1. STG Football offered a sponsorship on a video but the catch was I could throw my honest feedback and suggestions to try and make the game better. For a FREE arcade football game it gave off a lot of NFL Blitz vibes and something that was super easy to play. The potential is there for the game and it'll be something I keep tabs on as they rollout more features and get out of early access. We're back tomorrow with a new Pink Slips + hopefully debuting a new career mode series with pinks elements. <3 ya!

  2. Give me a season/franchise mode and I’ll support this game! Looks like it plays better than madden!

  3. Any chance you plan on hopping on the imperialism train? Would love to see your take on it!

  4. I love arcade football when the game is advertised as arcade

  5. Hey I’ve seen those cinematic animations before🤔😂

  6. Needs a bit of time in the oven but this game can be great

  7. The movement doesn't look too bad. There should be hundreds of football games available to play but somehow EA put a stake in the heart of football video gaming. The Dark Ages continue…

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