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  1. I didn't think it'd be possible, but a football game that wasn't Fifa was the first one to jump into Crypto/NFT's… That's a one way ticket to a game even less appealing

  2. Most cryptocurrency services like coinbase have an 18 plus age restriction for a reason, so either they’ve massively reduced their audience, or they are going to be taking advantage of underage children just like EA do with Fifa points and gambling, this is just as bad if not worse and I can’t see a reason anyone would choose to play this new game over Fifa.

  3. I am happy we are getting new options however we need a game focused on career mode. I am getting tired of FIFA every year only focusing on ultimate team and leaving career mode barebone. We need a change.

  4. FIFA Killer and NFT's in the same sentence😂😂 It should be called the "Goals" killer because they already killed the game

  5. i mean if the players are randomly generated then who cares about owning an NFT of that specific player?

  6. Well this doesn’t give any competition to FIFA , but it will be fun as it’s free to play.

  7. You disagree with the better player winning games 9/10 times? So you enjoy losing to the worse player?

  8. I wish you did more homework before posting something like this. I’ve been in the Goals discord since it was created, and a lot of the things you’ve said are completely inaccurate and exaggerated

  9. With already a small player base, and then split it with "fair play button". It will take 20 min just to get to a game.

  10. You have to do more research before you do videos like these mate most of the video is waffle…

  11. All the interest I had in this game was lost when nfts were mentioned, sounds just like axie, can't really see this working, they'll make money sure but I just don't see the appeal for the masses, just a bunch of whales willing to dump a couple grand on virtual player claiming they own. I was typing this as Vizeh was talking so I may have repeated what he said if so, I apologise

  12. Ngl I'm not sure bout the whole night thing but a game going with the unique ai players thing sounds pretty cool 2me, it stops the whole 'always playing against the same team' thing aswell

  13. I like it, your players, unique, fun and competitive. Basically fifa is for children and GOALS is for grown men.

  14. This idea is very intriguing and could be amazing if executed well. Worth keeping an eye on if they truly put money back into it.

  15. idk why but personally i would very much prefer to play a game where i play with actual irl players, but i doubt i would play it regardless

  16. Sounded decent until you mentioned NFTs. I’d rather just buy packs in FIFA tbh.

  17. Well it looks like sh*t tbh. Give it a year or two. EA will do a nft messi. So would you rather have nft pessi or nft messi?

  18. I think a lot of ppl are hating on the game because of the whole NFTs thing thinking that its gonna be hugely pay to win, but i don't think so. I think the NFT side of things is mostly for investment purposes more so than just buying players to use in game. Theres literally a toggle you can turn on which completely eliminates the pay to win aspect. I'm not saying its definately gonna be great but i think we should give it a chance. People only see the negatives sometimes.

  19. And now even GAMES aren’t safe from the blockchain. NFTs are the bane of our existence.

  20. I actually loved the idea of NFT. Given the fact that NFT and Blockchain is gradually becoming a thing around the world, this will be a revolution. But no licensing from any teams from any league is a major turn-off!

    But let's give it a chance at least.

  21. They call it the fair play switch, so they know that the NFT's aren't fair.

  22. Same as Pes was meant to be it got trashed by Ea

  23. Kurt the former fifa fanboy i don’t believe that clown

  24. For an esport/competitive game it looks really good IMO but for casual players it will be shit

  25. The culture shock will probably stop Fifa players from switching games to this

  26. As soon as I heard the word nft, I was immediately disinterested

  27. This game doesn’t even have a release date and it already died

  28. Whatever happened to just making regular football games like winning eleven and the older FIFA games where you played and enjoyed football games without micro transactions of different kinds. Really really sad!!!

  29. Weather you guys like it or not. Every sports game needs to have some kind of currency. Ronaldo is not free in the real world, so is in a video game

  30. Fast paced gameplay and it's already a big fat no for me. Basically another FIFA Online. As both GOALS and UFL don't offer anything to do Offline. Hard pass.
    Wondering what eFootball will bring soon with 1.0.0. update. That can either make or break eFootball. Yes, I still have hopes for this game to turn out great.

  31. When will they release a gameplay trailer ?

  32. 20 million copies sold/players of Fifa. For arguments sake say 1/4 would be willing to switch over and try. That's leaves you with 5 million which is about what PES was getting the last few years, so if anything 5 million is generous for an unproven unheard of company. I won't say half, but 1/3 you will lose without a career mode. That leaves you with a little over 3 million FUT type players and even they will be split in half with the fair play option. 1.5 million on each preference. Why not spread a wider net and try and reach more people? Career mode players are looking for a reason to play another game. Out of 20 million Fifa players, maybe 7-10 million are career mode players. You have a damn good chance at reaching them. Who knows, just my thoughts?

  33. Anything to do with NFT is just a money grab and I feel like that they really dont care about the gameplay other than making money. I can see this game as a fail already. A good game/gaming company will succeed when they don't care about the money and they just focuses about the gameplay and the story.

  34. “There is no micro-transactions” “You can buy players with real life money” nice, won’t be playing lol

  35. Lionardo pepsi and Christmas penaldo will be their top players

  36. I kinda like the idea of players being made up and unique. I

  37. Yeah already not interested anymore, 90% of people don’t even own fucking crypto. Get this bullshit scam out of the gaming world ugh

  38. Having nfts in the game will hinder it's popularity tbh.

  39. 2:48 you've been playing too much F1 2021, haven't you? 🤣

  40. NFT is already a red flag for me, they need to show gameplay footage

  41. older players might have been intrested we lived through the original pes with mental players names. Then you mentioned how to buy players that just sounds to much hassle

  42. Pionel will lead my team to victory brother

  43. If this can deliver connected feeling of responsive gameplay then I will give it a go.
    I’ve been frustrated for a few years now because of patents interfering with gameplay.
    They are some matches where it feels like I’m playing againsts the AI as well as the player.

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