New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons | Week 1 2022 Game Highlights -

New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons | Week 1 2022 Game Highlights

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  1. Mariota has legs, but the game ball goes to C Patterson. Saints were lucky to win this one. OL for Saints were like a sieve and that’s no good for J Winston who is not mobile at all.

  2. Not a single Jameis highlight until the 4th quarter and still somehow managed to win wtf🤣🤣

  3. I was at game falcons coaching cost game to conservative players played good offense and defense

  4. Mariota looked good, Chris Olave looked good, Drake London looked good, MT never left, and Jarvis Landry is a Dawg

  5. battle of the toilet bowl….these 2 teams suck ass

  6. Saints def didn’t look as good as people thought they would lol

  7. And they said Michael Thomas wouldn’t be the same yea right

  8. Man Thomas and Landry look like an unstoppable team! 💣💣💥💥

  9. Saints fan here. Thought it was gonna get ugly. Turned it right back on at where he hit juwan on his little sideline hurdle. Lol. Little did I know it would be the start of a 16 point 4th quarter comeback

  10. jameis gon revive his career this season and prove himself as a first overalll pick

  11. Falcons blew it once they start playing soft zone

  12. Falcons back to their great ways of blowing leads glad to see them stick to what they're good at doing lmfao

  13. NFL refs ain't s*** they've been trying to cheat for Atlanta the whole game

  14. If this defense & Winston can stay somewhat healthy till the playoffs and we gone be straight

  15. Winston came in big in that 4th QT Great comeback for the saints

  16. This made no sense for Atlanta smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
    I'd prolly stop watching football for a year or so if I were a fan.

  17. Love that Saints they have roster full of Buckeye players.

  18. jamis winston is soooo bad. how on earth did they keep him in all game. this shouldnt have even been a W for the saints

  19. Saints O-line wasn't doing so hot. Winston woke up in the fourth quarter but definitely needs to get back in his groove. Our defense was really relaxed all game which needs correcting. The Falcons played a better game overall but the Saints did what they needed to for a W. The whole team definitely got it in the locker room from Coach Allen.

  20. Something clearly wrong with that field. But maaaan I'm glad they just let Winston play. Looked good out there once he warmed up, but even still he's a dangerous mf if you give him TIME 🔥🔥🔥

  21. So tired of the nail biters. MT great comeback. AK47 I need to show up and Winston needs to come out that pocket a bit and stop holding the ball. First game I know but too close for comfort.

  22. Imagine if that penalty had allowed the Falcons to score the field goal. Remarkable stuff even still.

  23. The Falcons threw this game away. They simply stopped playing… tried to coast home.

  24. We came back and beat the falcons and the zebras

  25. You can't win for getting sacked! Oh! I the wedding I do,! Man in the yof! Forstt down is samiekai! Flag! @ jolly Ranger!! It's seems as though he wants her hand in marriage.

  26. But that not Kimalee! James liked Nadean?

  27. Gestation maybe! 40,000.00 Bulls! No flag on theSaints!

  28. not an nfl season without the falcons blowing a big lead

  29. Seriously Falcons?? Looks like that Superbowl flop still has a hangover on you…This is why I don't even bother to watch them.

  30. Atlanta QB puts it's receiver's right in traffic,in dangerous spots

  31. Despite the loss I thought mariota played well. Saints fan here

  32. Whyyyyyy do Saints keep playing Winston, he's terrible!!

  33. Bro I swear these butter hand falcons keep fumbling the damn ball. Ohhh 😡 this team just 😭 I can’t bro I just can’t anymore

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