New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers | Week 3 2022 Game Highlights -

New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers | Week 3 2022 Game Highlights

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  1. That TD catch by Calloway was absolutely ridiculous

  2. Am a 49er since 1984 albeit due to my fellow Rainbow Bro Carl Nassib am also supporting the Buccaneers. Am an independent fitness captain who created own workout program that requires no equipment. Check out hundreds of my training videos. Recently have integrated Special Dragon Gridiron Drills in them ! Calling on Tom Brady & Carl Nassib to come for an event in my modest room, office, temple and gymnasium to do a livestream event for special causes. Will drill and rate their neck & back massage skills with Dragon Drills since cannot afford a massage therapy session. Also have and am calling to be a performer at the half-time for the Super Bowl. Rihannah love ya u can sing but none can Dance Like This Rainbow Dragon. Who Dragon Army ???

  3. Baker,s goose getting cooked! Not really inspiring!

  4. Goddamn Winston isn't interested in checking down to Kamara at all

  5. Winston sucks. How many times does he have Kamara WIDE OPEN over the middle. Dump it off idiot and let Alvin cook.

  6. Saints needs a QB to get the ball to all those weapons that they have. Jamison Winston is a Bum

  7. Saints need to run the damn ball when theyre in zone. Winston is getting all his receivers hurt with his rainbow of a ball with short passes

  8. I understand he has broken bones but Winston and our offense keep selling

  9. wow, what the Panthers had here in this game was Synchronicity on both sides of the ball. It was a work of art watching both the offense and defense doing their jobs well on the football field being that their canvas, creating and executing fantastic plays!!! With very little happy accidents involved.

  10. Olave’s gonna be the centerpiece of the Saint offense going forward. What are these people talking about he’s gonna be a bust? Gimme a break

  11. This RADIO play by play is annoying & Lazy. Entertain us or be quiet. We see the game.

  12. Olave Is definitely One of them ones 🔥🔥 wenston just Middddddd

  13. How are we gonna lose to the Panthers…..

  14. Panthers would of won by 20 if baker and mcadoo wasn't garbage

  15. JW Saints QB was 1/2 second Late on Every throw!! Reading the Defense was VERY POOR!!! Time to Bench HIM

  16. Saints looked awful. And they don't have a 2023 1st round pick, so this could get ugly.

  17. Great game by the Panthers!💪👏👏👏

  18. I feel bad for Winston, Everyone including saints fans are bashing him and saying he sucks. 4 fractures in your back will make any qb play worse, he should have been benched week 2 and 3 to heal, that’s on Dennis Allen. Saints should have won this game if it wasn’t for Kamara fumble and panthers scoring a td off of it, and the 2 costly field goals that was missed and then the other one blocked. Neither INT were Winston’s fault, also besides Ramczyk and McCoy, our O-line can’t pass block, Winston running for his life every other play. Panthers defense is definitely legit though coming from a saints fan 💯

  19. The other running back for Carolina is pretty good

  20. Winston is straight garbage and ppl were hyping up the saint too much lmaaoo

  21. I pick the Panthers too win by 10. I didn't know the Saints had there secret weapon Al smh damn I wouldve been right tho the Panthers had em. Too many weapons and that saints defense ready

  22. When the saints drafted olave, I couldn't say his name. Then at work, I told my friend who's a saints fan: what do you think about chris olive? He was like: what'd you say?! Ever since then and after watching this, I will never mispronounce his name again lol.

  23. Happy that the big boy got a pick(derrick brown). Nice TD by callaway!💪🏼 honestly I wish the saints would use him more and get rid of tre'quan smith. Jaycee horn is having a good year!

  24. @9:01 Honey badger has absolutely got to make that play. He wasn’t in the best position, but none the less, he was in position to at least slow the guy down

  25. Panthers Defense on point , Baker Mayfield either improves and starts passing or he gonna get his self cut off the league

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