New York Jets v Cleveland Browns | 2022 Week 2 Highlights -

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns | 2022 Week 2 Highlights

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  1. Giving up 2 TDs in 90 seconds is such a Cleveland Browns thing to do.

  2. That first TD Joe Flacco threw when it was 17-30 with 1:55 left looked almost exactly like the game winner he threw against the Broncos. Joe Flukeo returns lmao

  3. Joe Flacco
    C/ATT 26/44
    307 passing yards
    4 passing touchdowns
    26.9 Fantasy Points!

  4. Garrett Wilson
    14 targets
    8 receptions
    102 receiving yards
    2 receiving touchdowns
    22.0 Fantasy Points!

  5. Nick Chubb
    17 attempts
    87 rushing yards
    3 rushing touchdowns
    29.3 Fantasy Points!

  6. Amari Cooper
    10 targets
    9 receptions
    101 receiving yards
    1 receiving touchdown
    16.1 Fantasy Points!

  7. While I was watching the replay, I thought how can the Jets could have won this game based on the score at NFL website!
    This proved that Flacco is still elite. just needed the right kind of team mates, and that Browns' misfortunes didn't end with the washed up Baker Mayfield. I would take Flacco over Mayfield any given day!

  8. First I love the Jets fans, they don't even know how to celebrate. Two the last time a team blew this much of a lead under 3 minutes was the Browns in 2002.

  9. Engr. Ambrosio Ferris S. Tangco III, RME, SO2, PCO says:

    Nice Jets! You didn't give up and you got the win. 🙂

  10. A Superbowl champion quarterback makes a difference 🙌🏾

  11. As a dolphins fan, what a great weekend this was.

  12. It aint over until the fat lady sings: modern day football

  13. @13:22
    How was he so open? The browns def coordinator should be fired

  14. I'm not a Jets fan, however I can appreciate this kind of comeback.

  15. Thank you Flacco for beating these browns for my ravens😂 still paying us back👍🏼

  16. Dude. I absolutely can not stand this commentator. Showing the wheels!!! Ick so annoying.

  17. Come to the comments of fans today "Jets are elite! Jets are gonna win the SB! Jets might be the best team in the league! Flacco is elite." Lol 1 game played and people just throw out all crazy comments 🤣 meanwhile they only beat the Browns lol good game but come on people.

  18. The Browns are a combined 5-43-1 against Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger. That's a whole lot of losing.

  19. Chubb shoulda gone down and they win the game on kneels that TD was a bad decision he shoulda known better. Had mate in 3 on the board and he blundered

  20. Bears fan here 😢 lol, this was an incredible game

  21. The JETS are and will benefit from a change in drafting philosophy……Drafting skill position players, difference makers…..instead of best player available b.s …..FACTS

  22. Amazing the Browns found a way to lose this game. Honestly impressive. And Flacco still got it at 37 years old too!

  23. How do kickers miss extra points! In the fourth quarter!! At home!!! C'mon man

  24. Chubb is really something.
    I do wonder why the announcer seemed to keep call the receiver Hall, "Hole".

  25. Once zach Wilson comes back within a week we'll start winning a lot

  26. Right in front of the much heralded DAWG POUND no less! A comeback for the ages! Go JETS!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🏈

  27. The Cleveland Browns do have a formidable rb tandem for the ground attack! Reminds me of other ground attack oriented teams – the Titans and the Packers!

  28. Robert Saleh really needs some success now. Great win for them, Browns played solid but they pulled it off

  29. Very definition of: "The fans were stunned."

  30. Chubb looks bigger, faster and stronger very year, and honestly, every game… I’m a titans fan proud to have Derrick Henry on our team, but Chubb is clearly the best back in the NFL

  31. Goodness , what about the fans that tried to beat the traffic lol


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