Next Ben Roethlisberger ? #bighitslive #youtubeshorts #sportscenter #overtime #7v7 -

Next Ben Roethlisberger ? #bighitslive #youtubeshorts #sportscenter #overtime #7v7

Big hits
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  1. More like the next Tony Romo with that interception he threw 😂

  2. Bruh if you don’t get In a 4 point stance and fire off the ball 😂😂😂😂

  3. More worried about having drip than having common sense to know that’s a bad throw

  4. If yall parents gon be sending your child to WORK at these schools, don't let no coach tell him he can't be their QB. Leave and go work at anther school that will let him work as the QB.

  5. Would’ve let that fly 3 seconds into the video

  6. Man stop playing and put that lil man in a 3 technique

  7. Awwww look at all the negative adults in the comments great job

  8. That big boy definitely did not foresee that lame duck air ball of his getting intercepted before he rifled it down that Field ! I Clearly remember big Ben Roethlisberger getting himself Picked'off 5 different times in a football game against those Jacksonville Jaguars back in October of '2017 !

  9. That pretty much all arm no lower body in throw. Someone teach him how to get his lower body into it…
    Who knows.

  10. Whoever made the thumbnail will make a great salesman.

  11. They intercepted the ball. Give me my ball I don’t want to play no more.

  12. The next big ole Eli. Ben wasn't careless with the ball.

  13. Hellstars will shut on your team y’all lost so bad last time

  14. Why with all these black qbs why would he want to be like a white man QB

  15. What is he doing, kids if u wanna be a QB here's not what to do,hoping around 😂

  16. He threw a pic!! That's not big Ben at all

  17. U mean jaMarcus Russell 🤷‍♂️😭😂✌️

  18. That ain’t Ben rothlesberger that’s Ben stayofftheburger

  19. Love the foot work keep doing what you are doing young man I look too see you in Cleveland soon young man

  20. 🤣🤣 kid layed it out there for all the money

  21. Jim Plunkett could throw a football over 60 yards when he was this age. 🙄

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