Video Games Evolution
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The evolution of american football video games between 1972 and 2023. Find in this video all the football games released since 1972

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0:03 1972
0:09 1978
0:15 1979
0:21 1982
0:28 1983
0:37 1984
0:41 1985
0:48 1987
1:17 1988
1:47 1989
2:11 1990
2:40 1991
3:00 1992
3:28 1993
4:16 1994
5:05 1995
6:09 1996
6:41 1997
7:29 1998
8:11 1999
9:15 2000
10:00 2001
11:03 2002
11:59 2003
12:50 2004
13:23 2005
13:56 2006
14:38 2007
15:15 2008
15:47 2009
16:10 2010
16:38 2011
16:50 2012
17:08 2013
17:13 2014
17:21 2015
17:37 2016
18:03 2017
18:25 2018
18:58 2019
19:12 2020
19:51 2021
20:02 2022


  1. tecmo super bowl on nes, tecmo superbowl 3 on snes, madden 2005 and 2k5 will always be my top favorites. Me and my buddy played the hell out of madden 94 and the joe montana games too. Still miss nfl gameday on playstation and nfl qb club 96 on snes

  2. Spent a lot of time playing EA NCAA 06 online. The defensive AI was actually pretty good.

  3. Cyberball was sick. I remember my friends and I stack $30-$40 worth of quarters at the arcade and run tournaments for a full day. It was right around the time when arcade companies were trying to pry 50 cents out of your hand for each game, so they needed to become more creative. Cyberball was able to achieve it with its dual screens on opposite sides of the machine.

  4. Why were loud sporadic bursts of white noise necessary in early games

  5. The most recent I played was TV Sports Football (on Amiga) and Madden Football, both 1988.

  6. the games didnt start looking good until we got the PS2

  7. "Great Football" for the Sega Master System.

  8. My first handheld football game was by Mattell no players just LED dots in red

  9. All you generation z's take notice. This is how madden came to be it didn't just magically appear as it is today. I was born in 1977, I grew up in the 80's I wouldn't trade my childhood for anything.

  10. Tecmo Super Bowl on NES to this day is still my favorite football game to play. Not saying it's the best game, but it is the most fun.

  11. Deion Sanders Prime Time 97 for Sega Genesis, Madden 2001 for PS1, NFL 2K3 for PS2 and Madden 05 for PS2 were the all time best football games ever made.

  12. I would rather play some of the football games in the '70s then play Madden 23

  13. I think it peaked with the tecmo bowls if you ask me. I haven't bought a madden in 15 years atleast. Last one had Ray Lewis on the cover and it was gold or something. They were aiight early 2000s actually. The 90s are awful now. I'd go play tecmo bowl right now if I knew anyone that would want to haha

  14. Kids today wouldn’t last with the graphics I grew up with

  15. Hear me out. NCAA Football 24 or 25 with Fox Sports, ESPN, and CBS commentators.

  16. Nfl qb club graphically was a head of its time I use to buy them and thought the game play was a little lagging compared to madden but graphics wise it was killing it lol

  17. I never knew football games went back that far. I would’ve said the Atari 2600 at the earliest. I only wish they could get a license to make the NCAA games again. I know the players want to be paid for a likeness and all, but there’s gotta be a way to make it happen. I use to buy those before Madden. I’ve always like college football more than the NFL as crazy as it sounds, but we all have a preference.

  18. My first favorite football game was a PC Game called Monday Night football 96. Reggie White was on the cover.

  19. Football did not look like that in 1972. That was not until the late 70s with the Odyssey 2. 1972 version was way more primitive

  20. The Magnavox Odyssey 2 football game was not released in 1972 but rather 1978. First football game I ever played.

  21. In my opinion NFL 2K5, Madden 06, and NCAA Football 14 are the greatest football games to ever exist. You could make a really good case for Madden 11 which I believe had Drew Brees on the cover. After that Madden went downhill from there. NCAA Football 06 you could make a great case for, but 14 took all things missing from previous games and expounded on it.

  22. football games suck now and it's all EA's fault.

  23. The Os and Xs blows my mind how boring and shitty something can be lol

  24. Why’s all the early Madden shown in replay mode lol

  25. American Football is a contact sport 🏈!

  26. What about Dirty Pigskin Football- Arcade game!?!

  27. Watching this makes me wonder just how did Madden get so popular when they had GameDay, Fever, and 2K around at the same time!? Madden just looks so lifeless.

    Wish the exclusivity contract would just die already. Everyone talks about 2K, but I'd love all of these to get their chance again

  28. 🏈 Arena Football 🏟️
    NFL Europe 🌍🏈

  29. What about Jerry Rice & Nitus' Dog Football 🐕🏈(Wii exclusive)!

  30. Madden license ruined football games, no competition means 15 yrs of the same old crap

  31. 1987 Tecmo Bowl was LIGHTYEARS ahead of any previous football game visually. Everything up until then looked like stick figure monsters. That was the first "actually looks like football" game.

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