NFL Mic'd Up Super Bowl LVI "Hey I'm Joe" | Game Day ALL Access -

NFL Mic’d Up Super Bowl LVI “Hey I’m Joe” | Game Day ALL Access

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  1. The bengals defense is very scary & underrated

  2. Withworth & henderson was getting nasty. Love it

  3. I was so happy when the rams won I was the only one in my family going for them

  4. As soon as OBJ went down, the climate changed for the rams but luckily they could make it work.

  5. The senior staff are just talking to one of the coordinators and Cooper cups just playing on the iPad

  6. you could also call this superbowl "The Battle of the Nines" as both starting QBS wear number 9

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  10. This was the most likeable SB ever. No matter what happened, both teams just had so many guys I could root for.

  11. Im so happy the rams won because there are so many legends on that team and im so happy Mathew got a ring.

  12. I’m a ravens fan and I absolutely hate that we got destroyed by the bengals twice this season but damn I had to root for them with this insane playoff run

  13. 8:32 “I’m gliding let me glide! I’m like a horse.”

    Best exchange in the world entire game. Hands down.

    Oh and love my Rams.

  14. Th rams coach looks so small compared to them gigantic. NFL players

  15. Joe cool af man I don’t appreciate him dropping 500 on my squad lol but ….Joe cool 😎

  16. Wonder if la will ever build a good team instead of buying one

  17. If there is anyone in the NFL that deserves a Super Bowl win after so many years of turmoil and disappointment, it was Matt Stafford and Aaron Donald.

  18. This video proves how great of a guy and coach Sean McVay is.

  19. I'm a Bengals fan but hats off to the Rams they earned this but we will be back this season

  20. Watching OBJ tear his ACL after producing so much for the Rams throughout the playoffs and even in the SB up to that point was heartbreaking. OBJ was a huge part of the reason they won the SB and it's awful he wasn't able to see it through with the team

  21. Rock so cringe. And refs so trash. Gave em the game

  22. He said been dream bout this since i was six. Homie u need keep dreamin u didnt get it.

  23. Dwayne Johnson: makes legendary speech

    Joe Burrow: "I like his shoes"

    How can anyone hate Joe Burrow

  24. I just want 1 Raiders. My Warriors gave me 4 already. Let’s go get it, we got everything we need this year. LFG!!!🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  25. The only Super Bowl I can recall where I was rooting for both teams. Great game.

  26. I love how joe used this opportunity to meet everyone 🤣🤣

  27. so just a thought, with Steph happens in the NBA… shouldn't there be a guy in the NFL that could kick a field goal from 1 end zone to another everytime ?

  28. if joe breezy had one more second this would have been the superbowl to end it.

  29. Ugg…. As a niners fan I want it as bad as Aaron Donald said. WE WANT IT!!

  30. “WHAT ELSE COULD YOU WANT! RIGHT NOW! LETS GO! AARON THIS IS THE MOMENT” That little speech got me fired up

  31. Still can't believe that The Rock going "It… is TIME" like 8 times in a minute didnt become a meme

  32. I love joe burrow, I can give him respect, he’s young and has a lot to gain from experience. If he’s won this game everyone would’ve talking about him very differently. It was a good game and it was sad to see him lose. But i did want the rams to win (Stafford)

  33. The “make every rep like it’s your last” to obj hits different since he got hurt

  34. too good of a qb w a shitty o line hate to see it smh

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