NFL Pro Era on Quest 2 is literally Madden Football VR -

NFL Pro Era on Quest 2 is literally Madden Football VR

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Today on BMFVR we are headed to New York City to check out one of the first Must Have Quest 2 games of 2022, NFL Pro Era! Check out the game here –

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  1. I think it would be super cool to be able to move your hands up or down to either hype up or quiet down the home crowd like in real life.

  2. It looks fun but those graphics are 2002 not 2022.

  3. This is what I've been waiting for and was looking everywhere and didn't have it at the time when I had my quest. So I sold it lol

  4. I thought only Madden had NFL rights on sim?

  5. I'll pass I'll stick with 2K4&5 I don't want to be physically implemented into the game

  6. Here's a thought why not actually play football then?

  7. A great start, reminds me of when madden first came out with all square players, then each year it got better and better. Hopefully they can get it going.

  8. Buying my son the quest 2. So I'll have to buy this for some dad time haha

  9. Can't wait to try this one, or buy some pot at the same time. Either way I'm sure to have a great time

  10. Bro no way this is awesome and the beginning of something

  11. This game weak as hell as far as gameplay if u could control a rb that would be kick ads

  12. Do you actually have to be accurate, or does the ball just auto-aim to the player no matter where you throw it? If that makes sense

  13. Even the pre snap QB cadences are different and accurate

  14. Literally Getting dizy tho watching dude play…

  15. Everyone in my house would not get any sleep. "Break 👏……BLUE 45….Hey, SWITCH 👉..WHITE 80…..Katy Perry,KATY PERRY….. WHITE EIGHTYYYYY….HUT!"

  16. Will wait until they improve on the graphics

  17. They should make it that there should be a option picks a team for you and later could get traded like it tells you got traded and why you got traded

  18. First of all best game is gorilla tag. Second of all this is a great game.

  19. If you
    Move your arms up and down like flapping wings it will make the crowd quiet down but only if you’re at your home feild

  20. so no season yet???? i am waiting for psvr2, but i wanna do a season as a QB!! madden is same sh!t, this takes football to another level….

  21. It’s Black Friday and yet there is no sale😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Lookin like NFL2k5 in 1st person lol mixed w wii

  23. My OCD is driving me nuts watching this. Why is there the lower portion of the helmet visible in your eyesight only on the left hand side of the screen? Helmets are symmetrical and sit evenly across your face. In your view in the game, the helmet cutout should be symmetrical.

  24. So happy you used my team 😊 GO PATRIOTS

  25. Man if this is the first game they dropped I can’t wait to see what’s to come! Hopefully some sort of nba game man imagine that

  26. Wait 5-10 years the graphics are going to be insane these are like 07 graphics

  27. This is jus a updated version of 2md football vr..good thing I have practice ..this looks 👍

  28. This game looks terrible and the movement sucks too. This is not a big leap forward.

  29. We have to appreciate how they recruited a couple gaming nerds to give a review on a sports game.

  30. Its cool to play a few minutes after that gameplay not good at all. keeps freezing up mid game, you dont have much control on play calling. I knew there was no defense hands on play so cant complain there but would be nice to eventually play defense. overall cool to be virtual but look forward to many additions and improvemnts on gameplay in the near future, Long way to be even close to Madden gameplay. Hopefully being I put the $30 bucks down any updates will be free. Nice beginning and look forward to whats to come.

  31. Can I get sacked and how was it? What about scrambling or running as a QB?

  32. Do you have to throw like an idiot to make it work?

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