NFL schedule options given Bills-Bengals won't resume 'this week' | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC -

NFL schedule options given Bills-Bengals won’t resume ‘this week’ | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

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With the NFL announcing Bills-Bengals won’t resume “this week,” Mike Florio and Chris Simms assess what options the NFL has to proceed with the regular season following the Damar Hamlin injury. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL
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NFL schedule options given Bills-Bengals won’t resume ‘this week’ | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC


  1. I tend to agree with the assessment here. I favor the last option- finish the game during a NFC playoff week. Either that or cancel.

  2. Is it possible to add a wildcard game in 2 weeks for two of those fringe teams as an opportunity due to the possilbe loss of seeding as a result of a tie between the Bills and Bengals?

  3. They should ask the bills and the bengals what they wanna do

  4. If they give bills and Bengals 2 wins for a win this weekend, it's fair for ravens and chiefs in playoff placement.

  5. They'll mess this up! But if the Bills win on Sunday and the chiefs and Bengals loose the Bills should have it! Because the Bills would have the tie breaker bcuz they beat chiefs already and would beat the Bengals cuz of a better record! I don't know why no one else has thought of this!!

  6. Bengals should be awarded the win. They were up on the scoreboard and the bills didn't want to continue.

  7. This is a billion almost trillion dollar industry. This affects people who work at the stadium, people who work right outside the stadium, the local economy, the tv deal and rights, the fans who pay and must definitely each team. We have to play week 18. If this one game isn't played then too bad. A tradegy happened and the teams did not want to continue. Call the game.

  8. Í don't agree. Both teams worked very hard this year to get 1 seed

  9. The game between Cincy and Buffalo could be played in Indianapolis. Maybe close enough to be a home game.

  10. This is just going too far to me. Classmate killed himself in college – there were still finals! Some of this just reeks of pussification.

  11. Another question is whether Bills – Bengals will be played from the opening kickoff again or will it be picked up at 5:58 in the first quarter.

  12. if bengals beat ravens this sunday and the chief lose this sunday then the bengals and bills would have to play because it would be a 3 way tie and bengals and bills would have to play for #1 seed

  13. Very simple.

    Call it a tie In continue the season

    If the bengals don’t wanna play against the ravens then they forfeit very simple.

    In the bills don’t want play against the patriots then they forfeit very simple.

  14. Moving forward, we need to pray for all the player before every game to have a safe and protective game. Keep praying for Damar Hamlin No 3 for his recovery.

  15. If they are mentally compromised by this trauma they risk physical harm and that’s not great either.

  16. Play the game. Don't play the game.
    But whatever you do, the result can NOT be the Bills losing the 1 seed. Period.

  17. If nobody in nfl has ever thought this could happen on the field to a player and they had no plan well that’s just brutal for Y billion dollar business.

  18. It seems likely that the league will cancel the game. If they do that, giving the Chiefs a bye by default doesn't feel like a fair solution, particularly given that both Buffalo and Cincinnati beat them this year. How about adding an 8th playoff team in the AFC and no one gets a first round bye? If the league wants to give the Chiefs home field advantage based on win percentage, fine. But the bye week is an unfair advantage that wasn't earned on the field.

  19. I think they should cancel the season, but still pay everybody. It's another best worst scenario.

  20. It's simple.. move the Pro Bowl after the Super Bowl and start the playoffs a week late.

  21. If I was cincy I would take a loss or a tie doesn’t Make a difference because you will face a ravens team without Lamar and next round face either the jaguars or the chargers who both will be not favorites to beat cincy the chargers are injured like hell and the jaguars is the the top 2 weakest teams in the playoffs and it’s there quarterbacks first year playing good and both quarterbacks with no playoff experience 🤷‍♂️

  22. I think the last thing damar wants is feeling like he lost his team the 1st seed and we know we wouldn’t blame him but you know you’d blame yourself idk man

  23. This is ridiculous. A fan has a heart attack in the seats at every game. Does anyone give a s*** about that fat slop? No they don't. I don't need to be insensitive but this game has to be played. They should have picked it up and played it that night. It's Thursday morning. The league should have the game played tonight. This game needs to be played. This is ridiculous. Utterly f**** ridiculous.

  24. Oh my gosh.. someone died… Let's stop the world

  25. Only acceptable outcome is a Buffalo forfeit. You can't punish Cincinnati.

  26. As for what the NFL should do, it's pretty simple. They have to push everything back one week after this week.This means they play the regular schedule this week. But then CIN and BUF play next week, which would've been Wildcard Weekend. This is the only way they can make sure the SB will happen on 2/12. This just means they wont have that week off before the SB.

  27. Yes, the next game Buffalo plays they will surely win.

  28. I have been thinking, and I came up with a out there type solution to this issue. The Bills and The Bengals get on an airplane and go to an undisclosed football field and play a game of flag football, by Saturday. Winner takes the game. NFL knows about it, yet the whole crazy world of NFL doesn't, so that they can play the game that Hamlin loves and get the NFL back on track. Virtually no risk to players, and gets the game out of the way, based on skill, and not some algorithm, nor luck of the draw. Set the game clock to the time left that was allocated at the MNF game when the event occurred, set the score to the score at the time, and have FUN, because that is what is needed right now, fun. Then put the complete game up on You Tube, the results are put into the seed competition, and let's get on with the season. I seriously do not believe that Damar would want to have all these issues due to what happened with him to hurt the game, the team, the division, and all things related to his career. "Flip a Coin" or No contest just seems too easy, and imperfect, and an extra game sounds way too complicated.

  29. Nfl could end the regular season at 16 games and just cancel all the games this week… And give the whole league a week off before the playoffs. I imagine it was a hard week for the whole league. And then determine 1 seed by win percentage.

  30. I lost my son l Life still god on unfortunately they get paid millions of dollars to play a game should a fire fighter not go to work when some one gets hurt

  31. Who cares if it’s weird???? Like what is the media trying to do here…..they gotta play us! If bills play Sunday they gotta play us they trying to get out of it and still have a road to the SB…nfl forcing they hand they said see y’all sunday

  32. U all don't get to make those choices the teams do bills and Bengals have a say in this situation if this was the chiefs you all would be yelling how they are getting screwed there is so much bias commentary in this video it is up to the bills first and foremost these 2are idiots the NFL will not do that this like it or not football must go on and the bills would be at a big disadvantage I don't think the bills would be ok with getting screwed

  33. Just cancel the last week.. And go playoff games whit these teams. That's it

  34. You know what Mike, the Bills should cancel the rest of their season. See you in 2023. 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤦🏻‍♂️

  35. No completely fair way to go forward for any team. Best path is to play week 18 and let the chips fall as they may.

  36. There are only 2 acceptable answers. Skip the Pro Bowl or give both teams the win. I don't want to hear anything about solidarity if you punch both of these teams in the face for something that is out of their control.

  37. Come on you can discuss this for years…just call it a draw and go on to next game. How can you keep discussing this …

  38. Charles Frederick Hughes, a 28-year-old wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, suddenly collapsed at the end of the fourth quarter of a game against the Chicago Bears in Detroit on Oct. 24, 1971. He died later in a Detroit hospital.

    I suggest the NFL establish a
    "HUGHES FUND" for players with a major impact to their careers.

  39. They should play the game the Thursday before the playoffs then they play their first round game Tues. Next week Monday then championship game Sun

  40. The game should be ruled a tie , and the schedule moves on

  41. Let the players decide, that way the shit talk won't start.

  42. If it ends this way (no make up game) record wise heres how the seedings should be:

    1. Bill (13-3) The head to head win trumps the half game lead the Chiefs have
    2. Chiefs (14-3)
    3. Bengals (12-4)
    4 Jags
    5-7. Whatever teams

  43. Not only "pick the best bad one", but make it very clear that's what they're doing because it's the only choice.

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