NFL "Video Game" Plays -

NFL “Video Game” Plays

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Crazy “glitches” in real life or insane jukes/hurdles/mosses that look like they’re from a video game

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I make my videos by watching games on youtube and NFL GamePass and then recording the clips and compiling them into Sony Vegas. My thumbnails are made on Polarr photo editor.


  1. The right guard that almost ran the kickoff back was my favorite but that would've been like playing Madden on rookie lol.

  2. You should do best defensive end plays!❤

  3. most of the wr's controllers disconnected

  4. 8:42 #28 if you ain’t a friend like that for me in life don’t come around me 😂😂

  5. good job – one ot the best highlights of american football

  6. Bro do you earn from these vids^ fellow wannabe ytuber

  7. That packers Rasule Douglas moment was fire 🔥 ( as a packers fan)

  8. In madden it’s impossible for the CPUs used to intercept the ball😂

  9. Honestly this is the realism that we want in video games this doesn’t happen in games I get aggravated when the ball is tipped and hits my dumb ass unelusive ai receiver in the helmet

  10. Maybe Madden is more accurate than we realize 😂

  11. The Julio one is not true cause WRs in video games act so dumb.

  12. I just want all of you to know that Jesus loves you so much that He died for your sins on the cross so that you may be forgiven…

  13. Aj green forgot to click A for the secure catch 😂

  14. ima be honest… some of these are NFL Blitz AND NFL Streets plays lmfao. correct me if i am wrong!

  15. 3:40 I actually did that in madden, I got to the 1 yard line with a lineman on kick return

  16. 2:00 funny as shit he going the wrong way now he really is going the wrong way wait a minute he got sum blocking he going the right way 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. 2:29, is it just me, or is this play by ramsey and the celebration kinda cold 🥶

  18. demetrius demarcus bartholomew james the 3rd says:

    4:45 This announcer for real said he broke his ankles, Lol

  19. Every center waits for the moment they can be the one guy who doesn't move on a false start.

  20. If I was God, I'd be happy humans keep breaking the physics engine like this.

  21. Perfect description for this video! I'm subbing

  22. Liking this shit explicitly for the Charlie Garner shit.

  23. There are some things only Patrick Mahomes can do

  24. What crazy about the Patriot Right gaurd almost running the ball to a touchdown on the kickoff is that his size did almost nothing to contribute to it, no one on the packers even layed a finger on him until he got tackled 3 yards away from the endzone.

  25. A lot of these wouldn't even have happened if the defenders were more worried about tackling instead of hitting.

  26. The 2nd one he turned around looking for the flag while ball was still in play

  27. That Cowboys "fumble" around the 2:35 mark was just refs screwing the Cowboys over again.

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