NFL Week 1 Mic'd Up, "Griddying on the Griddy cam" | Game Day All Access -

NFL Week 1 Mic’d Up, “Griddying on the Griddy cam” | Game Day All Access

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  1. Russ is so cringey but hes got a great attitude🤣

  2. J JETTAS!!!! Carried my week one fantasy lol

  3. "I don't have the ability to cheat anymore like I used to." Tom's ego is deflating. ⛽🏉🏈⛽

  4. Lilliana 💖 32 y.0 -check My V!deo says:

    Only the NFL makes these mic up moments an event
    Obviously every sport promote some of these moments of players exchanging some talks
    But only the NFL makes it feel like such a cinematic event

  5. Russell Wilson seems insufferable to play with…

  6. Mike Evans asking TB if he’s really 6-0 vs cowboys 😂🐐

  7. Amazing Vikings…….but you got to face the Buffalo Bills in November…….good luck….

  8. These mic’d up is what is making the NFL more than the classic Sunday game watch, and I love it

  9. Roquan Smith looks like a young Denzel Washington 😂😂😂😂

  10. 1st quarter: "Speed. Violence. Speed. Violence. Play fast man, let that speed loose."
    3rd quarter: "Great job. Settle down. Good job. Settle down."
    "But coach I'm finna let that speed loose."

  11. Bet you that Vikings mic is a lot different week 2 vs them eagles lol😂

  12. Justin jefferson didnt say nomore than 30 words on a mic’d up. Thats a waste.

  13. i’m surprised these dudes ain’t getting dead legs every hit. i don’t think i could walk after a game

  14. No player in the NFL nails that wet dance like JJ.

  15. bears scored 0 points without the refs, quick little fact

  16. that ENERGY from russ is INCREDIBLE one of the best LEADERS in the GAME still should have let him go for it on 4th down

  17. You can say whatever about Russ game not being the same but his leadership cannot be questioned

  18. Deestroying would’ve made that 47 yarder the Titans Kicker missed

  19. Mic’d Up is Back 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. "I don't need a lot man, I just need everything you got" gotta be one of the hardest lines in a mic'd up

  21. 2010s was more Competitive & Comedic on the 🎤 No Kizzy🤷🏾‍♂️

  22. I liked this video, would love to see more like it

  23. 8:30 WE MUST MAKE STADIUMS HAVE COVERS why are they paying guys generational wealth and it can be destroyed in a matter of seconds because of the rain. In the future we will implement Covers or Hoods for EVERY stadium to protect the product. And obviously the game gets played more conservative which is not what the fans paid for. We gotta fix this the 49er game was insane

  24. That Bears Dback is nasty!

  25. Damn. I didn't see the Rams game. O-line looking like a straw house and the big bad wolf was hungry.

  26. Colts attendance is despicable. I have a feeling that the northwest is gonna inherit a football team. The Portland pu$$y hats.

  27. I have a feeling we're not gonna see another Rams v Bengals superbowl again for a while.

  28. Brady, will never be getting another ring. I'd love to talk to a Tb fan, regarding their thoughts on acquiring him. Yes, he got one for yall. But, pretending he's the franchise is insane.

  29. Wilson was number three for the Seahawks

  30. The bears & the 49er anytime they tackle the slip down & bussed they a**. 😄

  31. Someone tell Justin Jefferson thats not how you do the griddy

  32. I didn’t know they let ncaa teams play in the nfl

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