NFL Worst Game-Losing Mistakes (Part 1) -

NFL Worst Game-Losing Mistakes (Part 1)

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NFL players making mistakes that cost their team the game

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  1. There was a player named Beebee for the Bronco's that knocked the ball out of the Cleveland players hand just as he crossed the goal line. Was is Mack? I want to say Mack. I was just a kid. It was the championship game. I lived in Cleveland. You grow up tough.

  2. There is no way to lose

    when you play the Falcons

  3. I got a Marshawn commercial right after the malcom butler pick 👀

  4. Bro the chiefs one was BRUUUUUUTAL!!! That was the game to make it to the Super Bowl. I will always despise Dee Ford til my grave.

  5. crying because AJ Green wasnt paying attention so Kyler Murray threw a game losing interception

  6. I was surprised when he dropped the TD but when I saw it was Nelson Aghalor I was not surprised.

  7. That Steelers vs Saints game from 2018 is to this day, the best game I've ever watched. Perfection of chaos.

  8. When Vikings had 9 and seahawks had 10, as a hawks fan that was generally the worst missed field goal I’ve ever seen

  9. Tony romo… catch the ball, or at least run right

  10. Wow the panthers can never beat the Broncos

  11. Juju Smith Schuster stepping out of bounds on the end of the game

  12. Missing a 50-yd FG isn’t exactly a game losing mistake.

  13. I was hit with so many emotions when you showed the double doink that team was special 🙁

  14. Damn, that mood whiplash going from the Minneapolis Miracle right into the Blair Kick Project

  15. People in 2019 saying Aglolur can't catch, he couldn't but do u rlly expect him to catch that throw against the Patriots, come on now, he was basically on the ground and his back was bent back a little

  16. John Casey kicks it out of bounds giving New England the ball on the 40

  17. It's Leon Lett!!! Nooo!!!
    Never Get's Old!!!
    Nuff Said!

  18. Some of these guys should've finished school!

  19. A large part of these are just missed field goals or missed catches…. happens all the time.

  20. Ah yes the famous brad dusek recovery to win it

  21. The (10:30) Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl really ended (after Butler's pick in the EZ) when Seattle's Bennett jumped offside and gave NE plenty of room for a simple kneel-down finish…

  22. Gotta do aj green not turning around against the packers

  23. At 0:43 just imagine the fans reactions when they get a game winning interception only to have their own teammate tackle them and lose them the game

  24. Tony Chomo fucking up against the Seahawks will go down as one of my favorite football memories OF ALL TIME!!!!

  25. Repent to Jesus Christ !
    “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  26. You forgot packs vs buccs nfc championship game the packs kicking a field goal at the end

  27. I died a little bit inside as soon as the first clip started playing

  28. 11:28 I really dislike how bad tackling has become in football. All Marcus Williams has to do is hold out his arms and catch Diggs. It could have been the gentlest tackle in the world and it would have been game over, with a Saints win. But so many of these idiots just want to go for hits now instead of tackles. It's just flat out terrible football. I wouldn't even accept that from a kid at the Pop Warner level, much less someone playing at the highest level of the sport.

  29. The Giants linebacker made a double bonehead play. If he wouldn't have force a fumble on his teammate it would have been a safety. That my friend is a double Decker!

  30. Pete Carroll's call at the end of a Super Bowl, easily Number 1. (10:32)

  31. That Giants/Jags play was preseason man. That shouldn't make the cut.

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