Nigeria vs. Argentina - Full Men's Football Final | Atlanta 1996 Replays -

Nigeria vs. Argentina – Full Men’s Football Final | Atlanta 1996 Replays

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Relive the full Men’s Football Gold Medal Match of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta! Atlanta 1996 have been the second Olympic Games where male football competitors should be under 23 years old, with three over-23 players allowed per team. Nigeria faced Argentina in this decisive football game. Could the underdog beat the Favorite? Enjoy watching and find out!

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    Esta final fue el inicio de esta rivalidad que a ido aumentando con los años.

  2. When This match was played, my mum didn't dream of having me😂😂

  3. Most pleasurable moment of all time .
    Why can't we repeat that?

  4. Greetings from Kenya. With this magnificent match and tournament performance (even beating a serious Brazil team) Nigeria made all of us so so Proud to this day. NWANKWO!!!!

  5. This Nigerian team is going be difficult to come by again

  6. Ah oui ! Une des meilleures équipes africaines de tout le temps. Je regarde encore le match en 2021.

  7. This was the goldden generation of Nigerian football, Amokachi, Kanu, JJ Okocha Amunike and Babayaro!

  8. Team Legend of Nigeria. Fan from Vietnam

  9. At one point while watching this replay,I forgot that it wasn't a live game.Was so "shocked and annoyed" with the coach at the point that Okocha was being substituted.Damnt then in comes Amunike(another gem).How deep was that squad?? Am actually crying(the pain of a Kenyan) how must be politics and corruption ruined the chances of such a team full of talent not to go on and conquer other international honours.

  10. Just look at the way the are marking balls really hard, even Okocha wasn't too wonderful then and they where still holding the midfield strong. Chai nigeria team of recent needs prayers

  11. I could remember we trooped out in the night to jubilate the success of the game in 1996 but unfortunately Nigeria is dead now.

  12. The Mighty Super Eagles of Nigeria.This was the greatest team ever. As a Zimbabwean I must say I was ecstatic to see fellow Africans showcasing such amazing football skills.

  13. 0-1 Claudio López (3 min)
    1-1 Celestine Babayaro (28 min)
    1-2 Hernán Crespo (50 min (PK))
    2-2 Daniel Amokachi (74 min)
    3-2 Emmanuel Amuneke (90 min)

  14. This video reminded me of the day I stopped smoking

  15. Deliberately moving away to set up an offside trap………

  16. Ever since then, there isn't any Nigeria team like this


  18. I remember this match like today. So surreal, thanks to the 1996 team. You made history for Africa.

  19. wow I really appreciate Nigerian team for their performance in Atlanta 1996 tunament

  20. Nigerian had a PK that was not given they keep cheating we blacks

  21. That there number 10 Na cheat this match is full of cheating and racist

  22. How about the group of Odegbami, Amesiamska, Muda Lawal, Okala/Ogedengbe, Christian Chukwu, and the center forward maestro – forgot his name, and the others. They were each given a house in Festac and a Peugeot car for winning the finals. I cannot remember when politics ruined or even affected negatively Nigeria football. No credit to Kanu please.

  23. The greatest ever assembled Nigerian team

  24. I watched the game live on that awesome day. I have since watched it again and again on videos. This team represented the continent well and I am so happy that many of my people, Africans see it as such. Long love Africa!

  25. From Belize central America it was just simply a great Nigerian team.

  26. After Nigeria and Cameroon winning Olympic cold in back to back editions,some how this tournament was made to lose its spark and has been relegated to an under 21event for the game's rookies.Back then,Ronaldo da Lima competed in this event .Today,Mpabbe would be a misfit

  27. Ithink the 3rd goal was offside no VAR?

  28. Can Nigeria ever produce this team again ?
    Wonderfully trained and skilled.
    Congrats !

  29. This was when we had world class players. Every team dreaded Nigeria. Unlike what we have now. Imagine Nigeria been beaten by Cape Verde.

  30. This was Golden Team from Africa those days, I wish I could be a best player of Tanzania to support Taifa Star to World cup in Qatar 2022

  31. How can the Commentator say "Argentina technically gifted…"..not saying "Nigerians a joy to watch and Godly gifted as individuals and as a team…a-must-see-team.."

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