Nigeria vs. Argentina - Full Men's Football Final | Atlanta 1996 Replays -

Nigeria vs. Argentina – Full Men’s Football Final | Atlanta 1996 Replays

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Relive the full Men’s Football Gold Medal Match of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta! Atlanta 1996 have been the second Olympic Games where male football competitors should be under 23 years old, with three over-23 players allowed per team. Nigeria faced Argentina in this decisive football game. Could the underdog beat the Favorite? Enjoy watching and find out!

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  1. The best football nation in africa is nigeria

  2. Yobe state road traffic management Agency is a great welcoming to development

  3. 44:14 a globo a band o sbt a Record zombaram dos transmissores argentinos

  4. Yes sir I like that/ Or should I say we ho we are.

  5. Atlanta Georgia*!/ Ramadan Kareem insha Allah Alxamdulillah 🙏 Marsha Allah.

  6. thanks to them all, they were indeed super.

  7. I love Nigeria 🇳🇬♥️❤️💪👍🏆

  8. Wasteful Argentines , especially Ortega and Crespo gave the match to Powerful Nigerians .

  9. This is when the Nigerian team could string 2 passes together. Now we have players that can barely control the ball smh.

  10. What's strange and funny is Argentina and Nigeria always meet at the world cups

  11. This penalty is disheartening, obvious dive.

  12. Argentina will always finds it difficult when ever they meet Nigeria…They are afraid to meet Nigeria at what ever level of football..

  13. Who ever wins this game today history will be made and history was made

  14. I was 6 then, this is my first time of watching the full historic match i have always heard of.. Thanks for the video!

    I pray I see another Super Eagles squad with so much talent, dedication and zeal that will conquer world football once again

  15. I was a yr and three days old when the match was played but when i grew up , history never forget itself to be remembered in my ears. KUDOS to my Uncles on the field of play back then, my country men.
    Arise O Compatriot, .Nigeria calls obey.

  16. From Egypt we are all so proud of the golden generation of Nigeria , They made history for Africa ❤

  17. Oh this is emotional…. I can't imagine me crying after watching this match. Where have we gone wrong? Can we make it right again? There was a country but now things has fallen apart and the center can no longer hold

  18. The greatest patriotic Nigerians ever

  19. We affrica are special….I am proud of my people Nigeria ♥️

  20. The faithful branch latterly love because cheese previously stretch at a tremendous oxygen. painful, true debt

  21. Fantastic superb quality entertainment of Nigerians! They play and enjoying the game!

  22. I watched the match when I was in jss 2 @GMMC Yola

  23. From Zimbabwe that was the best Nigerian team of all time

  24. One of my fondest memories growing up, not just the fact we won gold but how we did it. We beat some of the best teams at the time, that Brazil game was legendary 🙌🏿.

  25. What a match. I stayed awake for this that year.

  26. Argentina deserved exactly what they got trying something like that so late in the match

  27. Un error letal en el tercer gol de Nigeria nos dejaría con la plata. Pero Argentina se cobraría la revancha contra Nigeria en los JJ.OO 2008 con el gol de Di María.
    03:25 ''Vamos vamoooos, Argentinaaaa, vamos vamoooos, a ganaaar''.
    04:11 GOL de Argentina!!! El ''Piojo'' López tras gran centro de Crespo al recibir de Ortega.
    06:05 Gran pared entre Ortega y el ''Piojo'' López que tuvo el segundo pero se le fue larga….Increíble!!!.
    12:18 La pelea Ortega y abre para Crespo que tira el centro para el ''Piojo'' López que lo pierde de derecha!!.
    14:09 Caballero dice presente.
    16:38 Gran jugada de Huguito Morales y salvan justo en el remate de Crespo.
    19:20 Gran pase de Ortega para Chamot y justo la mandan al córner.
    24:08 Recupera Chamot, Huguito Morales mete un gran pase para el centro del ''Piojo'' López y justo la sacan al córner!!.
    25:27 Ortega bailando al defensor y justo le cortan el pase a Crespo.
    26:16 Buena jugada de Argentina y penal sobre Ortega.
    27:22 GOL de Argentina!!! Crespo de penal.
    31:57 Caballero dice que NO.
    32:39 Almeyda para el ''Piojo'' López que tira el centro y era PENAL no cobrado!!.
    35:29 Rechazo de Ayala, la peina Bassedas y Ortega no patea y tira el centro muy mal…..
    39:06 Córner de Ortega y cabecea Crespo desviado.
    39:10 Tremenda atajada de Caballero.
    39:42 Anticipa Ayala y tremendo autopase, saca el centro para al volea de Crespo y la pelota se va cerca!!.
    41:04 Tiro libre de Crespo que se va alto.
    41:41 Pared entre Ortega y Almeyda que se la tira a Crespo que tira un caño pero se le abre mucho, saca el centro para el ''Piojo'' López que remata y tapa el arquero!!!.

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