Nigeria's journey to Olympic Football gold -

Nigeria’s journey to Olympic Football gold

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Nigeria won an historic Olympic Football gold medal at Atlanta 1996 after beating the likes of Brazil and Argentina. We look back at Nigeria’s tournament to see how they became Olympic Champions.

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  3. That last Kanu goal vs Brazil! wow! To think Arsenal was blessed with Bergkamp, Kanu and Henry at the same time, kings of 1st touch

  4. I was not born. I am a Ghanaian but I love Nigeria. Its my second home

  5. This is so emotional… I'm in tears!
    I think this team (the crew and players) had a superior drive. And character too.

  6. From this day I started supporting 🇳🇬 Nigeria to date

  7. Olympics: U-23 Team

    Nigeria: Do you mean U-32?

  8. I hate floppers. Argentina deserved to lose and Nigeria earned that win.

  9. Wow!! This was epic!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  10. I was in primary school 😀. We spent the night outside in front of our house in jos, plateau State Nigeria because people won't go to sleep. People from all tribes and ethnicity. There was a lot free drinks, i was given three bottles of coke free of charge. I used one bottle to wash my and my head. People were beating drums and singing. Traditional dancers were out dancing on the streets. My late Papy kept shouting at us not go far from the house but we did anyway. Oh what a night it was. 😊😊😊

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  14. nigeria have a great record at youth level but not at top international level. do they peak to early?

  15. Argentina defends jumped too quick on the last goal

  16. I never knew Nigeria won gold in Football, that too beating Brazil & Argentina

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  18. Que equipazo tenía Nigeria. Que lindo era verlo jugar a Kanu, un distinto, con que suavidad trataba la pelota, era poesía verlo jugar.
    Que tarde que salieron de la línea en el último gol de Nigeria. Si vas a jugar con el off side tenés que estar muy atento y reaccionar rápido. Había por lo menos 3 argentinos habilitando a todo el mundo dentro del área.

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  20. It was a great journey for Nigerians in 1996 Olympics

  21. the truth is nobody wants Africa to win a world cup it is like what happened to Algeria in Spain world cup 😎

  22. For goodness sake what’s up with the music

  23. P.L Colina en los Olímpicos, Brasil-Nigeria, eso es épico 😯

  24. I m support कब्बड्डी on ऑलिम्पिक

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  26. Very very bad offside trap from Argentina

  27. As a Tunisian, I believe Nigerian football national Teams were always the best who represented Africa

  28. Your background music make you so stupid.

  29. In 1996 most of the news that came from Nigeria to Ghana was mainly political struggle under the reign of Sanni Abacha.

    But the Olympic dream team neutralized all that. We in Ghana were equally jubilant over the victories over Brazil and Argentina. How time flies.

  30. The best team ever,I AM PROUD TO BE NIGERIAN

  31. Unforgettable moment in African history

  32. Kanu best forever striker africans player, George weah, roger milla, drogba, adebayor, eto'o and kanu.

  33. Nigeria African football kings. Respect from Ethiopia 🇪🇹

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