No more field storming in SEC, faster college football games & Colorado’s electric spring game -

No more field storming in SEC, faster college football games & Colorado’s electric spring game

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Dan Wetzel and SI’s Pat Forde & SI’s Ross Dellenger go through the latest rule changes and proposals that will be impacting college football soon.
The SEC introduced a new rule proposal that would discourage students from storming the field after big victories. A home game would be stripped from the storming team’s future schedule and given to the losing team for the future matchup. The podcast breaks down how this will impact the SEC’s haves and the have-nots if this rule is implemented.
Additionally the guys discuss one of the bigger rule changes proposed this offseason that has finally been approved. The game clock will no longer stop after first downs, with the exception of the last two minutes of each half. This rule was put in place for both player health and to expedite the games.
More college football spring games took place this weekend. The University of Alabama will have some questions at the quarterback position heading into next season after a shaky performance from their signal callers. In the Pac-12, the long-awaited Colorado spring game took place as well. The Buffalo faithful showed out 47,000-strong in bad weather to see what Coach Prime had going on this past Saturday.
In transfer news, Colorado’s top receiver entered the portal after this weekend & the USC Trojans added Georgia defensive lineman Bear Alexander to help shore up the front-seven.
Lastly, a soccer rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool may have pushed a few fans to go a bit too far on vacation.

1:00 – The SEC is introducing a new field storming rule

17:47 – The clock will continue to run after first downs in college football

29:00 – Alabama’s defense flourished against their offense during this year’s Spring game

35:58 – Colorado’s Spring game did not disappoint

41:30 – Montana Lemonious-Craig entered the transfer portal after the Colorado Spring game

44:20 – USC adds Georgia transfer Bear Alexander

50:30 – College Football Enquirer Ethics

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  1. I wish the networks would make a deal with some colleges and play real games in the Spring. There are to many teams playing in the fall at the same time. Spread it out during the rest of the year so the fans can watch more games.

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