Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. USC Trojans | Full Game Highlights -

Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. USC Trojans | Full Game Highlights

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No. 6 USC tops the No. 15 Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 38-27, during Week 13 of the 2022 college football season. Caleb Williams led the Trojans with 232 YDS through the air, 35 YDS on the ground and four total TDs. Austin Jones rushed for 154 YDS for USC on 25 CAR.

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  1. #9 had 5 rec, 115 yds, and 2 TD’s against Cal. Why not feed him more? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. The amount of uncalled holding by the USC offensive line throughout every major offensive play for the Trojans is unreal

  3. Jamis Wilson, johnny menzel cam newton all looked liked phenomenal in college

  4. This team BETTER stop the TE or they will lose the championship to Utah. Last game he had 16 catches for over 200 yards and 2 TD. Notre Dame TE had a big night against us as well. USC…. Fight On but they better study Utah game film.

  5. 0:002:362:53 yeesh
    4:084:24 again with it
    4:414:44 … that read 👀 4:415:24 🤙🏾
    7:307:48 is this real life or is this really good video game graphics lol wonder what it look like if they panned out and showed the receivers and if there was a read in which he could time a throw instead of a scramble🤔
    7:308:008:24 seems as if he is just messing with Notre Dame
    9:289:419:48 👀 is this dude that dude, because it appears to show flashes of being that dude in the nfl in the future

  6. Wow!!! I knew Caleb would be amazing this season!!! Only if Riley and him stayed with my Sooners but I'm no hater. Go USC!!!

  7. This is from an old Hawkeye. I wish Notre Dame also joined the BIG10. Also wish that PJ Fleck becomes our next head coach. I also wish for World Peace. Happy Holidays!

  8. There’s NO WAY they should put Ohio State above USC

  9. They didn’t convert the third and twenty, settle down pal.

  10. 42 out of 80 kids are transfers. Bought n payed for. Like a pro team. Gotta love the NIL.

  11. i got usc beating michigan in the national championship game

  12. In the last few years I've cheered against USC (and boy, they've really struggled) but right now they are a likeable bunch and I'm so happy for Caleb Williams, so worthy of the Heisman.

  13. If Blake Corum didn't get hurt he runs away with the Heisman Trophy. If Williams wins it, good. GO BLUE!

  14. I can’t even watch this cauee I’m just re watching holding calls not get called and usc fans acting like ray charles out here.

  15. It’s hilarious usc o line on a lot of plays literally tackling notre dame d line and nothing was called. I’m seeing players tacking notre dame players 😂😂sheesh Caleb good but that o line not getting called is atrocious

  16. 4:12. Number 7 almost gets him, o line literally pulls his shoulder pad down😂😂 literally every play Caleb gets more time one or more o line holds at a point and nothings is called. I could do this the whole video. These them Pete type usc players who play dirty and the refs play even more dirty.

  17. Sake play at 4:12 number 79 is literally pulling notre dame players jersey😂😂😂 make it make sense how blind the refs were😂😂 they literally just gave him the heismen

  18. 4:34 number 57 and 72 are literally pulling up notre dames players jerseys😂😂😂 that’s so crazy cause they were calling us for everything

  19. Usc isn’t gonna win it all bro they gonna call those holds

  20. Pause at 5:23😂😂😂 he’s literally holding clear as day😂😂😂I’m dead

  21. Notre dame didn’t get the memo that the refs weren’t gonna call holds cause sheesh usc o line was holding and tackling the d line at points.

  22. I hate USC stop hurting them I'm scared there going to get hurt

  23. Keep in mind it is the weak pac 12. Come to the SEC or BIG12 see how many games usc wins. Everything is given to them good calls by the buttered up refs & ratings by all the cameras in Hollywood.

  24. Sure would be nice to not have to listen to the drama from the announcers.

  25. I call a moratorium on the use of the word LITERALLY, please people, let's work together to end this madness.

  26. Ooowee Georgia will dominate this USC team, the O line is too small. It's going to be a bloodbath

  27. What a difference between this year and last.Fight On

  28. With Lincoln Riley at SC and his call for all cali kids to stay in cali for college ball instead of going to the sec like usual expect usc to be dominant for years to come

  29. As a life long Notre Dame fan (through the ups and downs) you can't take anything away from USC and how far they have come.
    Despite our rocky rebuild and our starting quarterback fiasco after the second game…we made a lot of errors… Incomplete tackles… coverage and open receivers…and in the end the better team won.
    As long as you guys stay hungry and show respect where it's due…. You'll always get it from other teams fan's like me and others who have seen the struggle and felt the highs of ppl saying "if you beat this team or if you beat that team then you can call yourself legit"
    We have beat teams like Clemson and other though teams and then barely won against other teams we should have shut out.
    USC looks good and you deserve to ride this high… I know I'm cheering for you guys.
    Hope you keep it up fellas!!

  30. Caleb gonna win the heisman
    I just don’t see anyone beating Georgia

  31. I have so many comments about the improbabilities of this game.

    I really needed to question whether or not Caleb Williams was the protagonist of “The Get Down” on Netflix.

    I also had to question how Michael Mayer was able to get off of the line of scrimmage and into open coverage amongst a squad of defensive backs who most-likely could run sub-4.5 second 40-yard-dash times at (5:35).
    This guy looks like he should be catching blocks from a center.

    Audric Estime also is a shockingly athletic running back for his size and body type. He looks like a Space Force cadet running down the sideline at (6:43).

    Sometimes, these are the interesting things that make football fun — including the comical amount of preparedness of the Notre Dame defense at (1:30) and the referee at (9:15) being in the worst possible position, in the event of that particular interception.
    He couldn’t even seem to make the right call in regard to his own safety.

    I appreciate the sharing of these plays and the opportunity to comment upon them.


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