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Ohio State vs Georgia THRILLING Ending | 2022 College Football

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The Peach Bowl college football game between Ohio State and Georgia had a thrilling ending as the game came down to the final seconds with a spot in the national championship game on the line.

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  1. The ball landed in the endzone literally as the ball dropped into 2023

  2. damn it took 2 years for them to do that field goal play

  3. Did anybody else wave at the kicker through their TV after he shanked it?

  4. We got to see the ball drop… on the field.

  5. He didn’t hit X fast enough. The kick meter went too far

  6. It's always a good thing when Michigan AND Ohio St got knocked out of the playoffs!

  7. That kicker got cut the moment they touched back down in Ohio

  8. I thank the lord I was alive to see the 17 Rose Bowl and this masterpiece. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Ohio State will forever hold the record of being the first team in 2023 to lose.

  10. Stets throw to Brock on that last drive still boggles my mind. He side armed it to get it past the line of scrimmage it went by the linebackers finger by maybe an inch and it landed perfectly in Brock’s arm. The standard angle doesn’t do it justice

  11. Odd request. You should do the best of college football 2022 with one shining moment

  12. Great game, the secondary for Ohio state is bad. They need a secondary coach desperately. I also think the last two drives for Ohio state, questionable play calling. Stroud played his tail off.

  13. Complete bullshit they knew if they gave Marvin Harrison that call the game would of been over

  14. 4:07 OSU offensive lineman tackled UGA DL on Stroud scramble….only 1 offensive holding in the game.

  15. The càtch by Kearis Jackson from Bennett was beautiful. GO DAWGS!

  16. Enjoy it while it last cause the Tide is coming and this isn’t gonna be a typical tropical storm….You’ve been warned

  17. Looked just like Nebraska when they went for the game winner in the Orange Bowl against FSU back in 1994

  18. OSU now 2-12 vs the SEC in bowl games 🗑️

  19. Corner's draft stock died on the 76 yard touchdown

  20. That kick was so bad the camera man even lost it.

  21. Whay a piece of crao noah ruggles is. He literally kicks one from 48 that would be good from 55 and then not even close. Sorry but that just doesn't happen like that. This dude could of been threatened or a big sum of money given to him for doing that. He knew well before hand bc that kick wasn't even close. Thats the kind of kick someone woth no experience does

  22. Georgia used up all nine lives for that one. They had trouble enough with Marvin Harrison until cheap shotting him out of the game. What were their chances of winning if Harrison doesn't get knocked out? Plus, #1 draft pick Jaxon Smith-n-Jigba opted out. Had he been in there I guarantee you Ohio State would have put up 60+ points on Dawgs.

  23. That big pass reminded me of several Bama plays that have broken our Dawgs hearts thru the years.

  24. And for the all the Ohio State bravado … they're on a two-game losing streak.

  25. All I’m saying is refs kept OSU in the game with the blatant lack of holding calls. Happened on almost every play it feels like.

  26. That was one of the most intense games ever. Absolutely unbelievable! GO DAWGS!

  27. I missed the new year to watch Ohio miss a field goal.

  28. I watched it live right at midnight. It’s gonna be a damn good year if it starts with Ohio State losing.

  29. Georgia won even with all the miss calls on Ohio State, I mean all the false starts and play clock at zero several times but no flag, I am surprised the didn't find something on the final FG attempt to give him another shot but guess that would have been obvious. Great games and congrats to Georgia on the big win.

  30. The skill level in Ohio State's kicker: Kicking into a whole new year! Respect 👏

  31. it was a very heart breaking loss they took our star player out and it was a very cheap shot and her meant to do it lead with his helmet that ref has no guts to call it what it was it was targetting

  32. I wish the missed field goal had at least been a decent kick… lol

  33. Representation on how Ohio State fans are acting right now, it's not fair. A player on my favorite team got blew up in the end zone. It's not fair, you dropped the flag then picked it up, it's not fair. Clean or not call the penalty, it's not fair. We're already playing in Atlanta. It's not fair, help my team win at all costs…

  34. My dad is a big time TCU fan ever since moving to the metroplex back in the 70's from Central Texas. Dr's are saying we won't have him too much longer after being a Vietnam Vet and hard working man ever since. His vision and hearing are almost gone but he still was able to semi watch this game. Even if TCU doesn't win the national title, this is a game that he i know he'll never forget. Go Frogs. Thank you for giving some excitement to my dad's crazy life of nurses and Dr's.

  35. Another one of these and Georgia will join Clemson in owning Ohio St.

  36. Never in the history of the game did a two point conversion mean so much! Couple that with a critical timeout from Georgia and a botched field goal from Ohio, and it’s game over!

  37. He didn't slip…that instep..fake move got him off balance…that's wen he fell on his ass

  38. UGA: Please beat my Big-12 arch-rival TCU! You're our only hope – Texas Longhorns Fans

  39. ohio state doing what they do best and choking at the end

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